Client Success Story: Vasilisa

“I discovered keto as a weight-loss method and started experimenting following the wealth of advice online. Many recommendations were contradictory, making me confused about what to do.

I lost a bit of weight in my first few weeks and then gave up, gaining the weight back. I was upset: I knew that I was on to something great, but I didn’t know how to make it work.

No More Trial and Error

That’s when I found Alexia and started working with her for personalized guidance. I quickly understood that what I’ve learned in my own research was just scraping the surface of keto.

It’s impossible to learn everything that’s required for the best results unless you dedicate your career to it, as in Alexia’s case. That’s why I’m so grateful that she saved me the time, energy, and cost of trial and error by offering the keto shortcuts and success strategies in a simple format that suited my particular lifestyle.

Quick Weight Loss

On my own, my results had been slow and frustrating. No wonder I gave up! In Alexia’s program, I quickly shed my extra kilos and kept them off. I appreciate that Alexia explained WHY my way of doing keto hadn’t had much of an effect, and exactly what to do instead.

Alexia’s emails with a summary of each session made it easy to take action in between our meetings. She shared all of the resources I need to succeed on keto. I’m still going back to the emails since they’re a goldmine of information!

A Life Upgrade!

Alexia’s advice proved to be rocket fuel for my weight loss. Her support gave me accountability and motivation to continue until I knew exactly how to follow keto myself.

My favorite thing about Alexia is that she offers so much more as a coach than just guidance on how to slim down on keto. Reaching target weight is important to be healthy and feel good, but so are other factors, such as sleep, exercise, and positive thinking. Alexia helped me do a complete makeover in these areas, and I can only say WOW – what a life upgrade!

My Best Sleep Ever

I used to suffer from poor sleeping, which affected my mood and performance. Alexia introduced me to simple changes that resulted in the best sleep of my life! It’s priceless to now be waking up rested every morning.

If you’re serious about getting the results that you want on keto, don’t make my mistake and start on your own. Trust me that you don’t want to waste time taking the wrong action, and ending up with no results or even gaining weight. Alexia is the keto expert that you can trust to get into top shape and feel fantastic on keto!”

Vasilisa, Dubai

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