Client Success Story: Varsha

“When I joined Alexia’s coaching program, I had almost given up on losing weight. I had tried pretty much everything that I could think of and spent a fortune. I hated my weight and the way it made me feel, and I was scared that nothing would ever work on me.

Miraculous Weight Loss

But I decided to make one last try, and thank goodness that I did. Alexia’s program changed my life! Following her simple guidance made me start dropping weight so quickly that it felt like a miracle.

I would never have succeeded with losing weight on keto just by googling or reading a book. Alexia’s coaching is the reason why it finally worked for me. I love how hands-on she is, like joining me at the grocery store to teach me keto grocery shopping. I’ve passed on what I’ve learned to my family, so they are now healthier and happier too!

This Time, It Was Different

When I was on diets in the past, I gave up the moment it became difficult. I’ve had challenges also in Alexia’s program, but her support made me continue – and succeed. I could contact her anytime via email and WhatsApp with my questions and concerns. She always responded promptly with the answers that I needed. 

Alexia both answered my keto questions and gave me loving support to carry on through every obstacle. What I love about Alexia as a coach is that she’s not only a keto expert, but she’s overcome food difficulties herself. It’s not just business for her, but she is genuinely passionate about helping her clients improve their lives on keto. I’ve never felt any judgment from Alexia, but just understanding and positivity.

Reversed Medical Conditions

Before working with Alexia, my life was held back not only by my weight. I also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, PCOS, and insulin resistance. By the end of the program, I decreased my rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid medication, and came off my PCOS and insulin medication! I never thought that was possible. The freedom that I’m enjoying now by having reversed my illnesses is incredible!

Losing weight is not only about vanity. Of course, it’s nice to feel attractive again. It’s a lot of fun shopping for smaller outfit sizes and dressing up. It has put a new spark in my marriage. But far more important is the confidence and self-love that my new, healthy lifestyle has given me!

No More Hiding Away!

Before, I used to hide away. Now, I’m stepping into life again. I join social events, and I’m taking up the old hobbies that I love but gave up due to low self-esteem. I don’t want to waste another second feeling down about my weight. I’m going to enjoy my slim, strong, and healthy body and live life to the fullest!

Alexia’s coaching program is the best investment that I’ve ever made. What I’ve learned and implemented completely transformed my life for the better in eight short weeks. I will continue the lifestyle for my happy and healthy ever after!”

Varsha, Dubai

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