Success Stories

Some friends of The Benefactory share how its Change Your Food, Change Your Life program has worked for them!

What was your idea of weight loss before coaching with Alexia?
“Count calories! Stop the snacking! Your portions are too big! Cut out drinking! Don’t smoke!” The list of advice goes on and on. It certainly didn’t feel easy.

What was your situation like when you started Alexia’s coaching program?
I had decided to lose weight two years earlier and since then, sought help from those whom I thought were professionals. I had tried everything from weight loss clinics and naturopathic doctors to every diet known to man and woman. Some showed little results, but nothing truly worked.

How did you decide to work with Alexia?
I met Alexia at the local health food shop. I was intrigued by the approach that I could lose weight by drinking coffee. Ever the sceptic, I laughed and asked how it worked. I found that the three ingredients used: Brain Octane, grass-fed butter and clean coffee beans is a unique way to curb the appetite until lunch time. The formula included the healthy eating of protein and veggies for two meals per day. I opted to work under the coaching of Alexia.

How did you experience Alexia’s coaching?
I find Alexia to be open-minded and easy to approach. She is easy to talk to. I find her to have an intelligent and unique approach to weight loss, partly from her experiences and issues with this subject.

What change occurred for you during Alexia’s coaching program?
Since starting the coaching, I got rid of a lot of bad habits. Some that I hadn’t considered before. Alexia’s weekly coaching provided the reality check I needed to stay on track.

How did Alexia’s coaching help you achieve weight loss?
The way that you think is different when you are accountable to someone else. Helping me stay on track was paramount to achieving the weight loss goal that I had set for myself. Every week, Alexia provided insight into the Bulletproof Diet. She also gave helpful tips for body and mind to support my new eating habits. I got access to all resources that I needed to succeed: everything from blogs to printed material, studies and websites.

What is your life like now, compared with before doing Alexia’s coaching program?
I have lost weight, but more importantly, my brain is lighter. I have decluttered and gotten rid of the burden of losing weight. I now focus on the sensible approach of eating healthy. Could I have done it without coaching? No!

Coaching brought the information to me in a palatable way. It allowed me to try the methods and implement them into my life. My attitude changed, my habits changed, and the weight fell off as a result. All the while, Alexia made me feel that I did it all by myself. And I did, because Alexia made me accountable for taking the action necessary. Alexia made me see that I didn’t have to lose weight – I had to lose the mental burden of losing weight.

Brian A Fagan
Saskatoon, Canada


I contacted Alexia because I’d stalled in my plan to get to my natural weight. I also was feeling very unhappy with depression and anxiety. As a part-time personal trainer (and being stuck in my IT career) this was getting in the way of me helping clients to my full potential.

Alexia coached me and empowered me to improve my health and take control of my biology. I’ve now eliminated my depression and massively reduced my anxiety. My weight is no longer an issue for me and is good enough, which is a nice feeling. I am now on my own path to being a full-time coach.

Alexia has a nice easy style which helped me hugely and I’ll be forever grateful.

Darren Pyefinch
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Coaching with Alexia is a wonderful experience. Her enthusiasm when we first met influenced me to take my health journey to the next level. She introduced me to the Bulletproof Roadmap. As soon as I started following the guidelines, I instantly noticed significant improvements in my overall health.

She also helped me come up with a meal plan and a schedule for when to eat. My daily routines are improving along with my mood, and I have Alexia to thank for that. I highly recommend her coaching services to everyone. She is a great listener and can help with a lot.

Zachary Ehrman
Alberta, Canada

I paid for advice and received a mentor, friend and saviour

I first met Alexia in 2012, with my spirit broken. I was unemployed, carrying an excess 10 kilos, binge drinking alcohol on a regular basis and struggling with depression and emotional overeating.

Thanks to Alexia and the coaching that she provides, I have completely transformed my life. Like Alexia, today I am extremely driven and goal orientated. I work a demanding full-time job, so needless to say it is important that I maximise my health and performance in every area of my life. I rarely drink alcohol today, I have shed the extra 10 kilos and significantly decreased my anti-depressant medications.

Alexia takes a multifaceted approach to health, realising that food and exercise are just two (although important) components of a bigger picture. I would recommend Alexia’s services to anyone who is seeking improved health, fitness, career empowerment, self-love or self-development. Her commitment to her clients is resolute – she is like my personal cheer squad all in one!

Sydney, Australia