Client Success Story: Stephanie

“Since moving to Dubai, I’ve enjoyed a fun social life. There is always another event to attend, and with them come food and alcohol.

After a few years, I noticed the not-so-fun consequence of my socializing: the extra weight. Every year brought on at least another kilo despite working out five days a week.

Feeling fit and healthy is important to me, so I had to reverse the trend. But would it be possible with my love for drinks and pasta?

I Can Party AND Lose Weight!

My doctor told me about the incredible weight losses that happen in Alexia’s keto program, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m thrilled that I did: Alexia helped me get my weight down to the ’50s, a number I haven’t seen on the scales in 8 years!

She taught me the tricks for becoming metabolically flexible, meaning that I can now easily switch between burning fats and carbs. Before keto, I used to drop weight during the week by eating healthily, only to put it back on after the weekend’s outings. Now, I can still enjoy a few glasses of alcohol but without gaining weight!

My Family Got Healthy Too

Being on a diet usually means being the boring one who puts a damper on the dinner party. I’ve had the opposite experience on keto: my family loves the food so much that they now do keto too!

My husband has lost several kilos as a result and feels better than he has for years. Even my teenage son appreciates my cooking. I’m so relieved that we can enjoy keto as a family since it saves time and effort. Alexia’s program turned out to be an excellent investment for my whole family!

I Can Eat Anything on Keto!

When you understand how keto works, you realize that you can adapt any recipe to keto just by swapping ingredients. I eat chocolate truffles, cookies, keto bread, pizza…  I just love it!

Keto is now a lifestyle for me because I don’t want to lose these amazing results! Not only because of the weight loss but also the general wellbeing that keto brings.

Flattest Tummy Ever

Everyone comments on my new look. My mother was visiting from France, and the first thing she said when arriving was that I’ve never looked slimmer.

What I love the most is how getting rid of the extra fat has toned my body. I’ve achieved the flattest tummy of my life on keto – without doing any workouts for it!

Optimal Health Markers

I’ve read a lot of warnings online about keto ruining cholesterol and being dangerous. I’m sure that that’s possible if you don’t follow keto with a professional, and that’s exactly why I wanted Alexia’s guidance.

I did a comprehensive health check-up by the end of Alexia’s program, testing everything from cholesterol to micronutrients and other health markers. Pretty much every single result was at an optimal level! I was amazed.

Reaching my target weight was fantastic enough, but achieving peak health in my forties was beyond my wildest dreams!”

Stephanie, Dubai

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