Client Success Story: Soraya

“I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on expensive weight loss treatments around the world. It wasn’t sustainable to continue paying and putting my life on hold to travel to other countries to chase results.

I Lost Weight Every Week!

Alexia’s keto program was an entirely new experience since she taught me how to practice the keto way of eating to lose weight wherever I am. I even lived in a hotel and mainly ate in restaurants for the first half of the program. I still lost weight every week thanks to Alexia’s guidance on where to eat and what to do!

It was such a relief not to have to fulfill any complicated requirements or make weight loss a part-time job, as it had felt like during my previous treatments. Instead, Alexia helped me customize the keto principles to suit MY particular life. I just had to show up and take some simple steps!

My Results Motivated Me

In other weight loss programs, I used to dread the weekly weigh-in. Not with Alexia – I looked forward to getting on the scales because the result was always exciting! Losing weight quickly and steadily every week was an amazing motivation boost.

After many years of feeling trapped in my body with little to no control, it was liberating and empowering to learn how to take charge of my weight. With each kilo that I dropped, I started to feel more like myself again!

A New Body AND Mind

I used to be obsessed with dropping the excess weight, but working with Alexia has made me see the bigger picture of health. There is no point in achieving an ‘ideal’ weight if I’m still miserable in my mind. Before, I had sleepless nights worrying and beating myself up.

Alexia introduced me to simple yet powerful techniques to change my inner dialogue. Not only do I sleep better now, but I’m happy with myself and my life. I’m the one in charge now, of both my body and mind!

Skilled to Reach Target Weight

I had 30 extra kilos when I started working with Alexia, so obviously, I have some kilos left to lose after finishing her 8-week program. But I’m ok with that because I now know exactly what to do to drop weight automatically in ketosis.

Alexia has helped me make my keto eating a habit, so I can easily continue my weight loss journey on my own. My target weight is no longer a farfetched dream – I finally have the skills AND confidence to achieve it!”

Soraya, Mauritius

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