Sleep Yourself Into Top Shape: Weight Loss With No Sacrifice On Time Or Effort

Sleep Well to Get Your Body Into Its Optimal State to Lose Weight.

Sleep Is That Golden Chain That Ties Health and Bodies Together. Thomas Dekker

Imagine losing weight while making no sacrifice on either time or effort. Curious about what the result could look like? Check out my client Vasilisa:

Vasilisa was suffering from sleep issues when we first met. I helped her put some simple yet powerful sleep hacks into place so that she achieved “the best sleep of her life” while slimming down. And now, I’m going to teach YOU to accomplish the same!

Get in Top Shape in Bed

But first, let me explain why sleep matters for fitness. Because am I right that you haven’t thought of sleep as a slim-down factor? Most people probably think of Cross-Fit and boot camps for weight loss. But as I’ve shared before, overtraining can actually lead to weight gain.

Being rested and relaxed, on the other hand, is the ideal state for the body to get rid of extra weight. Because when we’re in a “fight or flight mode,” we hold on to fat for survival.

In this blog post, I share how high stress levels can kill the weight loss mode ketosis. So sleeping well can be a real game-changer on your keto journey!

I’m passionate about great sleep because lacking it almost ruined my life. Years ago, before I started my keto journey, I suffered from insomnia. My insomnia was one of the symptoms that eventually led to incorrectly being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on heavy medication.

I Was a Zombie on Sleeping Pills 

First, I must give Big Pharma a gold star for effectiveness. The sleeping pills really worked! In fact, they worked so well that they totally knocked me out. I couldn’t get enough of sleeping, and during the hours when I had to be awake for work, I was a zombie. 

I had just moved to London for a new job in IT sales. Everything was on the line: I had already lost my last couple of roles due to my shaky mental health.

My resume was starting to look quite catastrophic, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get more chances in the cut-throat corporate world. And even if there were more chances, I had neither confidence, energy, or will to keep going.

It was so important for me to prove myself in my new role, but I just couldn’t. It felt like my brain was processing everything in slow motion, and all I wanted to do was crawl under my desk and take a nap.

People around me were bright and successful, and I just felt so dumb and useless. Some colleagues treated me as incompetent, which was extremely hurtful. But the worst thing is that I felt that they were right – I surely didn’t perform.

Quitting the Pills Thanks to A Diet Change

I was basically forced to quit my job only weeks after having started. But last minute, I managed to get a similar role with another company. And just shortly after starting my new position, I came across Bulletproof Coffee, and the keto way of eating – and my life changed forever. 

Within weeks of replacing sugar and carbs with healthy fats, my “bipolar symptoms” disappeared. My doctor realized that the diagnosis was incorrect, and I got off the horrendous sleep pills. I could sleep well for the first time in years!

Eating and sleeping well in the following year resulted in an incredible boost in both my energy and performance. I tripled my income! I realized that I was neither dumb nor useless. I found my passion for helping others get off toxic meds and live their healthiest, happiest lives. I left my corporate career to be a keto coach.

Since then, I’ve obsessively researched the most powerful sleep hacks. I’m excited to now bring them to you. So that you can join Vasilisa and I, and get the best sleep of your life!

How to Optimize Your Sleep for Maximized Weight Loss:

1. Eat Keto

It makes sense that getting a sugar high disturbs sleep, which you’ve probably experienced if you’ve ever had an ice cream buffet in the evening.

Cutting out sugar and carbs from your menu is a good first step, and switching to a keto diet high in healthy fats is even better. 

2. No Caffeine After 2 PM

I know: it’s polite in the Middle East to accept coffee when you’re invited to someone’s home. But even a small amount of caffeine in the afternoon or evening will disturb your sleep! If you doubt it, try one day without and see the difference. Can you have a herbal tea or glass of water instead?

3. Darkness

You can get black-out blinds for your bedroom, but don’t forget to cover lights from electronics, like the ON-button of your TV.

I think the best way to guarantee complete darkness is to wear a sleep mask. My favorite is the silky Sleep Master from Amazon, which is smooth on the skin and comfortable to wear.

4. Limit Blue Light Exposure

There is blue light in sunshine, and it tells us to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, there is also blue light in screens and regular light bulbs. So getting exposed to these blue light sources in the evening can alert the body at the time when we need to wind down for bed. But you can limit your exposure!

Activate Night Shift on your iPhone or Night Mode on your Android, and download the free Iris software for your laptop to filter out blue light. 

To block out as much blue light as possible, wear blue-blocking glasses. This is especially important if you’re watching TV in the evening.

A client of mine has a daughter with autism, who used to wake up several times a night every single night. After just a few days of wearing blue-blockers, the daughter now sleeps full nights for the first time in her 16-year old life! That’s how damaging blue light can be – and how helpful blue-blockers can be.

My favorite blue-blockers are the stylish Barkley Eyewear by my biohacker friend Dayne. Use my affiliate code ALEXIA for a 10% discount.

Use Himalayan salt lamps instead of standard lighting. The salt filters the light. As a bonus, the pink light is cozy! I pretty much only use Himalayan salt lamps in my home and rarely turn on the ceiling light.

5. Silence

If you live in the city, the chances are that noise disturbs your sleep. This is especially so if you live close to a mosque (and you don’t get up to pray at prayer times). 

Wearing earplugs to block out the noise will take your sleep to another level. My favorite is silicone earplugs, like Mack’s. (Do NOT push them into your ear canal, but only cover your outer ear.)

Most of my clients don’t even realize how noise has impacted their sleep until they’ve tried sleeping with earplugs. Using the sleep mask (sleep tip #3) and earplugs together makes it feel like you’re sleeping in a cocoon – I promise you that you’ll be impressed by the difference!

6. Get Your Circadian Rhythm in Sync

The circadian rhythm is our internal “body clock.” Have a walk in the sunshine in the morning to tell your body that it’s time to wake up – and it will be easier to go to bed at the right time. For more circadian rhythm hacks, check out my blog post.

7. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

Being fried by Electro-Magnetic Fields isn’t conducive for good sleep, trust me. You don’t need Wi-Fi while you’re in bed anyway, so turn it off! You’ll be surprised by the difference in your sleep quality.

8. Magnesium

Magnesium helps you relax, giving you sound sleep. But don’t relax too much – overdosing on magnesium can give diarrhea. See the cartoon on the top of the page for illustration.

9. Relaxation

There are many methods to relax before bedtime: meditating and heart rate variability training are a couple of examples. 

My favorite relaxation hack is Bulletproof’s Sleep Induction Mat since it requires minimal effort. You just lie on the mat for a few minutes, relax, and fall asleep (set a timer so that you don’t spend the night on the spikes).

If you’re skeptical of the mat, let me tell you about my dad’s results. I gave him a Bulletproof sleep mat, and I knew that his experience wouldn’t be a placebo since he’s the biggest skeptic to anything “alternative.” But, he fell asleep after 10 minutes on the mat!

10. Sleep Tracking

Data takes away the guesswork. The Oura ring tracks your sleep quality so that you can test one sleep hack at the time and see its difference.

A budget option is the Sleep Cycle app. Just remember to put your phone on flight mode so that it doesn’t fry your brain!

BONUS: Lucid Dreaming

Want to make the most out of the third of your life that you’re spending in bed? Consider learning lucid dreaming!

Achieving lucidity means that you’re aware that you’re dreaming. You can then learn to do whatever you want in your dream: meet and talk to anyone, fly, have sex.

You can also practice overcoming your fears. Say that you’re scared of public speaking. Practice having the perfect speech in your lucid dream and gain the confidence to do it in real life!

If you’re curious about learning lucid dreaming, I can recommend this book and this Udemy course.  

Knowing what I know now makes me furious about how sleep medication unnecessarily fucked up my life. And it makes me equally pissed off to think about all of the sleeping pills that get handed out every day, instead of first prescribing natural health hacks. (But of course, using free and natural methods wouldn’t make money for the pharmaceutical companies.)

So if you are suffering from exhaustion, “uselessness,” or “dumbness” due to poor sleep… Please don’t let a lack of sleep define you. Please know that sound sleep is possible also for you. And please trust me when I say that sleeping well with transform you into a new person. A fit, healthy, and happy person!

But let’s start with where you’re at now. On a scale from 1-10, how good is your sleep? Share it with me! 

Alexia Bjarkan
Keto Coach

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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