Client Success Story: Shehla

“When I first met Alexia, I was exhausted from many years of yo-yo dieting, which always led back to square one. My health was only getting worse with diabetes, joint pain, and bloating.

Now in my 50s, I realized that I had to find a solution not to cut my life short. But I was worried about my age: both about having a slower metabolism and the challenge of creating new habits. Was it too late for me to save my health?

Halved My Insulin Medication

My doctor recommended Alexia’s program for effective results on my diabetes. I learned that keto could even reverse my type 2 diabetes! Although I didn’t know much about the keto way of eating, at least it was a method that I hadn’t tried before.

I loved the quick changes in my body when I started keto. My bloating disappeared on my first day on the diet. So did my joint pain in the days that followed. Most exciting was halving my insulin medication after only two weeks in Alexia’s program!

Not Another Diet Fad

My pattern of going from one diet breakdown to the next had always been a burden on my self-esteem. I’m a smart, capable woman – how come I couldn’t manage to eat healthily?!

Doing Alexia’s keto program has made me realize that succeeding with healthy eating has little to do with my mental capabilities. It was just impossible to stay on track when the foods caused an imbalance in my body chemistry. Starving myself, eating toxins that led to cravings, and having tasteless meals – no wonder nothing ever worked out. Alexia taught me how to eat enjoyable foods to nurture my body and mind.

An End to Binge Eating

My initial fear of breaking my old habits turned out to be in vain: with the right nutrition, everything seemed to fall into place automatically. For as long as I could remember, I’d had a troublesome relationship with food. I ate (too much!) when I was happy, sad, or anything in between.

Now on keto, I feel satisfied with food for the first time. My urge to overeat disappeared with my hunger. Finally, I’m free from the binge eating that tortured me for so long!

My Life Is 10/10 Now!

I partnered with Alexia to learn how to eat keto, but the experience turned out to entail so much more. Mastering healthy eating was the foundation of her program. But once I had my health in order and felt good about myself and my body, that’s when we could start working on how to make my best life happen! Alexia coached me to let go of unhealthy habits and adopt routines for a whole new level of happiness and wellbeing.

My life satisfaction was -1 when I joined Alexia’s program, and it’s now 10/10. I recommend her program for anyone ready for a complete body and life transformation!”

Shehla, Dubai

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