Client Success Story: Robyn

When I first started working with Alexia, I’d suffered from adrenal fatigue for twenty years. My constant exhaustion had put a halt to my career and was stopping me from many activities that I wanted to do. The tiredness also triggered emotional eating, resulting in a steady weight increase.

I worried that joining a ‘keto’ program would be restrictive. What if the keto foods wouldn’t suit me? What if counting macros or doing a ‘diet’ would make me feel deprived, triggering my binge eating habit? The last thing I wanted after my years of weight struggles was another setback!

No Restrictions

My fears about keto turned out to be non-issues since Alexia was attentive to my needs and adjusted my plan accordingly. She supported me while I explored what foods nurtured me and felt ‘right’ for me. No restrictions or rules!

I ended up not counting macros or even eating strictly keto. Instead, I focused on a wholesome, natural, and delicious menu. The result: I enjoyed my meals, I didn’t feel like ‘cheating’, and I lost a good amount of weight!

I Broke My Binge Eating Habit

However, healthy foods alone weren’t enough to get rid of my binge eating habit – if so, I would probably already have achieved it myself. Alexia introduced me to new tools to use whenever the thoughts to overeat popped up.

My overeating used to make me feel so trapped, and now I realized that I had power over my actions. In a few short weeks, I rewired my brain and habits, and was free of the old emotional eating pattern!

The new me has a new relationship with myself. I used to be so hard on myself, never feeling good enough, and constantly beating myself up. Now, I speak kindly to myself, and I’m proud of my results!

Twenty Years of Fatigue Gone!

The classic idea of losing weight is to join some boot camp style program and suffer, probably only to gain back the extra pounds as soon as the program is over. My experience in Alexia’s program was nothing like that!

Instead, it was gentle and even fun. Alexia helped me figure out how to be healthy in many life situations to create a lifestyle for lasting results. My program covered everything from supplementation and exercise, down to the details of what healthy snacks to bring to the cinema.

After just a few weeks of my new health habits, my two-decades-long fatigue suddenly disappeared. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have the energy to live life on my terms again! I’ve picked up my passion, my career. I’m exploring new, fun hobbies. I can’t wait to travel. With my new energy and health, anything is possible now!”

Robyn, the United States

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