Client Success Story: Prerna

“I’m in my twenties, and I’ve struggled with weight since I was a child. I was ‘the fat kid’ who was mocked for my weight. I can’t even describe how emotionally scarring that was. As an adult, I also developed hypothyroidism, making it even harder to lose weight. I felt like the extra kilos was part of my identity, and getting rid of them impossible.

Scared to Fail Again

I hesitated to join Alexia’s program because I was scared of failing with yet another weight loss attempt. I didn’t know if I could handle one more disappointment. But meeting Alexia and feeling her caring nature made me take the leap. At least I wouldn’t be alone!

And sure enough: Alexia helped me break down what felt like an endless, scary journey into small and achievable steps. Along the way, she cheered me on, and we celebrated my wins together – and there were plenty!

I Can Eat out and Lose Weight

I’ve done many weight loss programs in the past, where I was just told how many grams and calories to eat. I followed the guidelines but never understood why, and whatever result that I achieved was only temporary.

Alexia’s program was totally different. Firstly, she shared the science behind how different foods affect my weight and wellbeing. Secondly, I experienced it myself by noticing the result of my new keto meals.

Finally knowing what actions to take to lose weight was so empowering! It resulted in a whole new, healthy relationship with food. Whether I cook myself or eat out, I’m finally in charge of my weight by my choices. And I started dropping the kilos from the first week in the program!

No Need to ‘Cheat’

My first question when starting a diet is usually ‘When can I cheat?’ But what I realized in Alexia’s program is that there is no need for ‘cheating’ on keto, because I can enjoy myself! I’ve had a lot of fun discovering delicious meals and desserts. There is nothing that I miss from my old way of eating – and if there is anything that I want, I can just make a keto version of it.

I enjoy an active and social life in Dubai and doing keto hasn’t stopped me from having a good time. I’m going to events and parties as usual, and I’ve even celebrated Diwali on keto. All while dropping weight and feeling better about myself. That’s what I love about keto: it’s not a diet that’s limiting my life, but it’s a lifestyle that’s enriching my life!

Anything is Possible Now

I’m ecstatic over the kilos that I’ve lost and for now having an effective method to continue shedding the remaining weight. Everyone is noticing: I’m constantly being asked by friends on Instagram what I’m doing to keep slimming down every week!

But even better is the impact that my weight loss has had on my self-esteem and as a result, what I make of my life. I now love trying new things, like sports, and I’m about to start a second business. These are dreams that I could hardly imagine when I identified as ‘the fat kid.’ But achieving the ‘impossible’ of losing weight in Alexia’s program has made me feel that nothing is impossible anymore – and I can’t wait to make it all happen!”

Prerna, Dubai

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