Forget About Your Healthy Life – Just Win the Morning Every Day

Find the Small, Simple Morning Habits That Will Set You up for a Lifetime of Health.

Win the Morning to Win the Day.

A healthy lifestyle for a fit body and a happy mind – who doesn’t have that as a goal? Unfortunately, it’s a different matter to translate it into reality. Knowing what to do to eat right and exercise enough, let alone find the time to do it and keep doing it – it’s easy to get overwhelmed and throw in the towel.

The solution might be to forget about the many elements that make up a lifetime of health. Instead, only focus on one thing: creating a healthy morning routine. Winning the morning will give you the boost you need to continue the day in the same wholesome manner – day in and day out!

It may sound insignificant, but small and simple actions can be powerful. I know, because I’ve experienced their impact on the unhealthy side of the spectrum. 

Never Eating Only ONE Piece of Chocolate…

Back when I was struggling with binge eating, giving in to one small piece of chocolate could easily make me think, “Screw it, I’ve already had some sugar, so I might as well finish the whole box of chocolate.” And after finishing the box: “I’ve ruined the day, so let’s have a 24-hour binge and clean out the fridge.” And the next day: “The theme for this week is sugar fiesta – where is my party hat?!”

Before I knew it, what started with one piece of chocolate turned into days, weeks, months, and years of destructive eating that nearly ruined my life. Today, I’m following a keto diet, which – basically aside from berries – is free of sugar.

The keto way of eating makes me feel fantastic, but I don’t take it for granted. I know how easy it is to slip back into old, toxic habits. That’s why I’ve decided on a few small, healthy actions that I do every morning. I take them seriously because I know that they help me stay on track with my healthy and happy life!

Master the Small Things Before the Big Things

One example of a quick and straightforward morning habit is making your bed. Navy Seal Admiral McRaven brilliantly explains in this video clip how this task gives a sense of accomplishment, which inspires more accomplishments during the day. He argues that if you can’t do the small things in life, like making a bed, you can’t do the big things. So again: instead of planning your healthy life, just focus on your healthy morning!

Aside from making my bed, I’ve also added exercise to my morning routine. Every morning, one of the first things that I do is to go down to the beach for a quick swim. I say quick because I’ve learned that the secret to sticking with a daily exercise routine is to make it so pain-free that I can’t make any excuses not to do it.

So I’ve chosen a distance that probably takes little more than five minutes to swim. I think many skip this type of quick workout because it feels pointless, with the result of not exercising at all. On the other hand, five minutes a day adds up to 1,825 minutes in a year! Not so pointless.

But more important than the 1,825 minutes of exercise that I get in a year, is the impact that my morning swim has on my day. It makes me feel refreshed and energized: a nice feeling that I want to continue by making more healthy choices.

What Seinfeld Can Teach Us About Health

It’s like the comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s old strategy of comedy writing: for every day that he wrote a joke, he marked his calendar with an X. He found the practice rewarding, and it enticed him to write jokes daily so that he wouldn’t break the chain in his calendar.

So if you’re having a problem with making a habit of your active mornings, get a physical calendar and mark each day you’ve accomplished your routine with an X. See if it helps you stick with the habit!

There are several different areas where you can take action in the morning to give your day a wholesome boost. Read the excellent book The Miracle Morning if you want a guide on how to put together a healthy morning routine. 

Here is a list of some ideas for how to get started. Try them and see how your day pans out as a result!

How to Win Your Morning:

1. To Boost Actionability: Make your bed.

2. To Boost Energy: A quick exercise routine. Try the nitric oxide dump.

3. To Boost Positivity: Use The Five Minute Journal for writing a gratitude list.

4. To Boost Metabolism: Drink a cup of toxin-free Bulletproof Coffee for satiation until lunchtime, for a good start to your healthy eating.

Now, I’m curious about YOU. What’s the action that you will add to YOUR healthy morning routine? Share it with me!

Alexia Bjarkan
Keto Coach

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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