Client Success Story: Mohammed

Excess Weight and Diabetes

As an Arab, I’ve grown up on a diet excessive in carbs. It was not until my thirties that I, after some research, realized that this was the reason behind my escalating weight. My health was also suffering due to my diabetes. I’ve watched family members die way too early due to ill health and understood that this would be my fate too if I didn’t do something.

A Limited Life

Although death isn’t an exciting prospect, I was maybe even more scared of never daring to go to the beach again. For years, I’d felt too fat and uncomfortable to show myself in swim shorts. I was angry with myself: these were meant to be my best years and I was wasting them missing out on life!

Reduced My Insulin Medication

My research led me to keto, which I understood could help both my weight and diabetes. My doctor was not excited about the idea but agreed to let me try. I found Alexia to be the keto expert in the UAE, and I joined her program for safe and professional guidance.

What happened was incredible. By following Alexia’s advice on keto while my doctor closely monitored my health markers, I drastically reduced my insulin medication in a matter of weeks! I’d always thought that my diabetes medication was a lifelong doom, and now it felt like I was taking nature’s medicine.

Keto for My Arabic Taste

Most of the keto information online is catered for Westerners and their way of eating. I was worried that I would have to give up the flavours of my culture and not being able to find foods that I’d enjoy enough to stick with in the long run.

It turned out that this wasn’t an issue: Alexia helped me figure out how to adapt the keto meals to suit my taste buds. She taught me how I could make keto versions of most of my traditional Arabic dishes. It has helped me embrace keto as a lifestyle: I’m still eating an Arabic cuisine, except that this one is keeping me slim and healthy!

Losing Weight While Socializing

Before starting keto, I was concerned about how it would affect my socializing. I’m a social person, and a diet wouldn’t work if I’d had to sit at home counting calories. But what’s fantastic about keto is that it doesn’t feel like a “diet,” because it’s not restricting. I just need to know how to prepare myself or what to choose on the menu when I go out, and that’s exactly what I’ve learned from Alexia.

If anything, keto has improved my socializing since the fit version of myself is a lot more energetic, happy, and confident. And yes, I can go to the beach again – I’m finally free and making the most out of my life!

Mohammed, Abu Dhabi

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