Client Success Story: Michelle

“When I joined Alexia’s program, I’d obsessed with slimming down for many years. I’d been overweight since childhood and tried countless weight loss programs. All I wanted was to get slim. 

I also suffered from a pattern of comfort eating, especially fast food. I worried about how this could stop my progress. Although I trusted that keto is an effective weight-loss method, it wouldn’t work if I continued my overeating habit.

An End to Overeating

Alexia showed me how to make keto so quick and simple that there were no excuses not to do it: she taught me exactly what to buy, where, and how to prepare the meals. She helped me achieve exactly what I wanted: I learned how to burn fat, and lost over 3 kilos in my first week. But the most exciting change took place inside of me!

I’ve seen so many nutritionists over the years. They only scraped the surface of my weight loss problem with their advice: ‘eat this, don’t eat that.’ Alexia helped me solve the emotional obstacles that were holding me back, in a way that I’ve never experienced before. She helped me break my overeating pattern and stop comparing myself to others. Now, I don’t even care about how many kilos I weigh – I love myself exactly as I am!

My Skin Has Never Looked Better

I’m so glad that I joined Alexia instead of doing keto on my own by following standard advice online. Even if I would have eventually figured out exactly what to do – although I doubt it, because I first tried for months and failed – I would have missed out on the personal transformation as a result of her coaching. It would have been pointless to be lighter and still have my old mindset of never feeling good enough.

The clean eating that Alexia taught me has brought so many benefits aside from the weight loss. The most visible is my skin: it’s glowing, and it’s never looked better! I don’t need to wear makeup anymore, and my colleagues keep giving my compliments.

No More Blood Sugar Crashes

I also love my new energy. Now, I enjoy high-quality sleep, and I wake up feeling refreshed. I have more sustained energy throughout the day. No longer do I have to worry about those blood sugar crashes that used to ruin my afternoons.

In the past, my priority was to spend money on things that made me feel good for the moment: like shopping, entertainment, and travel. But the happiness was always short-lived because I wasn’t happy with myself.

I Had to Tailor My Clothes!

This time, I decided to invest in my health first by joining Alexia’s program. I then treated myself to a holiday by the end of the program. By then, I had slimmed down so much that I had to tailor my clothes before packing.

What a different experience it was to travel with my new body and mindset: it turned out to be the best trip of my life! I had the energy to do all the activities that I wanted to do. Feeling good about myself, I could fully appreciate my travel experience!

Saving My Health

It’s easy to get caught up in buying the next shiny thing and forgetting about investing in what’s truly important: health. I cringe when I think about the large sums that I’ve spent over the years on things that I have no use for today. Not to mention all of the pointless weight loss programs that I’ve bought.

What I’ve gotten from Alexia’s coaching program is priceless. My results of losing weight, getting great skin and energy, and feeling good about myself would have been more than enough.

But the best return on my investment is avoiding the health issues that I would have gotten if I would have continued with my old lifestyle. I now have a powerful plan for my healthy and happy life, and I’ve never been more excited to live it!”

Michelle, Sharjah

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