6 Hacks to Win the Mental Part of Your Keto Game

How to Not Let Negative Thoughts Stop Your Keto Mission.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think. Unknown

“Put the whip away.”

That’s what one of my old mentors used to tell me when I was upset over yet another one of my diet “failures.” These days when I start beating myself up over falling short on my ambitions, I still say it to myself. I think it’s a great mantra (unless you’re a masochist and a fan of whips). 

As any athlete would tell you: Success comes partly from the physical game you play, and partly from the mental game. The physical actions required to succeed with keto and losing weight are actually quite simple. First, figure out how to make keto meals and eat them. Then stick to that, and you should eventually reach your target weight. 

The trickier part is often how to find the mental strength to keep going with the healthy eating. Sticking to keto also when all your friends are getting drunk at a party. Being a goodie-good when you’re lethargic and fed up with rules. Carrying on even when some asshole is pissing you off, and you want to comfort-eat ten massive muffins. (Because contrary to this blog post’s cartoon character’s thinking: Overeating keto desserts won’t result in weight loss.)

THAT’S when you need mental hacks to empower yourself, to make the choices that will help you achieve your health and weight goals!

The Vicious Cycle of Self-Criticism

As a keto coach, I often work with people who are hard on themselves at the beginning of their keto journeys. They don’t think they’re losing weight fast enough, or they get upset if they’ve strayed from their meal plan.

To start with: Can we please agree that we’re not gaining anything from beating ourselves up? Back when I was struggling with binge eating, the only result I got from telling myself what a loser I was, was feeling so low that I needed another binge session to comfort myself. It was enough to drive me crazy.

This is where I’ve had to learn the mental part of my health game. I’ve had to stop that evil inner voice telling me to self-destruct and instead choose thoughts of love and kindness! We can only do our best on any given day, and the level of that “best” varies depending on the situation.

Celebrate Your Fails!

Having made some “bad” food choices doesn’t make anyone a bad person. What matters is recognizing that we need to do something different to achieve our health goals, and be willing to do it. (The same mentor who told me to put the whip away also told me to pray to “be willing to be willing to be willing to be willing…”)

The super-successful Ray Dalio says in his biography that if you’re not embarrassed about something that you did a while ago, you haven’t grown much lately. How awesome is that approach? Let’s get excited about our screw-ups and how they’re helping us learn and better ourselves!

Here are some of the most powerful methods that I’ve come across on my health journey that have helped me stay on track with my keto eating. What could be a good one for you to try?

How to Win the Mental Part of Your Weight Loss Game: 

1. Mantras

When your inner voice is screaming at you to pig out on cake because you’ll never lose weight anyway, counteract it with a loving pep-talk! A couple of simple yet powerful mantras to interrupt the negativity are: “Put the whip away” and “Today, I’m doing the best with what I’ve got.”

2. List Your Wins

No matter how much you might be thinking that you’re screwing up in your weight loss game, I promise you that you’re doing lots of awesome things too. Highlight and celebrate these wins!

Write a list of at least ten actions you’ve taken that have brought you closer to your health goal. For instance, that you’ve learned new recipes or have invested in high-quality food. Give yourself a gold star for your efforts!

3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

As the quote for this blog post says: Don’t Believe Everything You Think. CBT is a powerful method to challenge unhelpful thoughts systematically.

You can learn more in the CBT classic book Feeling Good. Try the free CBT Thought Diary app and notice how a couple of minutes of writing down your thinking can change it for the better!

4. Mindfulness

Being mindful about thoughts helps with not giving power away to them. It’s ok to think anything, but we don’t have to hold on to the ideas or make them a reality. The excellent book The Happiness Trap explains how thoughts are like clouds. Just like clouds, we can choose to let them pass.

You can also learn how to practice mindfulness by taking an online course. This one is by my first and incredible coach Rod Francis. 

5. Meditation

I’ve shared before about my daily meditation practice. Meditation is, in my opinion, still boring as hell. But I do it because I believe that it acts as a buffer between thinking unhealthy thoughts and acting on them.

There are many ways to explore meditation, for instance, through the Headspace app. If you want to learn meditation in person, you can check out if you’ve got a local chapter for Vipassana meditation.

6. Prayer

You’re never alone, and you don’t have to take your keto journey by yourself! Ask for support and guidance (from God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it) any time you want. I like to start my day by saying thanks for everything that I’ve got and asking for direction to do the next right thing towards my goals.

The next time your head is telling you to sabotage your keto journey, remember this blog post’s cartoon. Then pause, and use one of the above tools for mental strength instead.

Now, over to you. What thoughts are holding back your fitness goals? Share it with me!

Alexia Bjarkan
Keto Coach

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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