Client Success Story: Lemonie

I Wanted a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve never been a fan of dieting. I don’t see the point in going on a strict regime to lose a few kilos, and then putting it back on when not keeping up the diet. What I want is a healthy lifestyle where I don’t have to worry about weight at all.

Lost Control After Pregnancy

Weight was never an issue for me – until I had my first child. That’s when I lost control of my body! I tried the usual methods: controlling meal sizes, counting calories, working out. I pretty much worked myself to the ground, but it didn’t help: I only kept gaining! I was getting desperate.

A Quick and Safe Weight Loss Method

I had heard a lot of success stories about keto, but also how it can go terribly wrong when you don’t know how to follow the diet. So I joined Alexia’s program to get expert advice on how to do keto properly, to not risk anything. With Alexia’s guidance, I started losing weight my first week – I didn’t even have to go to the gym anymore!

Simple AND Delicious!

I was worried that doing keto would be tasteless or complicated since I had enough demands as a new mother. I was surprised to learn that keto was the opposite. Alexia broke down the science of keto into simple and achievable steps. She taught me easy recipes that take only minutes to make, and they taste fantastic, too.

I could hardly believe Alexia when she encouraged me to have a keto dessert every day (that was probably my favourite part of the program). So I started enjoying yummy desserts, and I continued to lose weight. I now know that it’s possible to treat myself without guilt or negative consequences!

Bonus: Energy and Mental Focus

I worked with Alexia to reach my target weight, but I was amazed by all of the other health benefits of achieving ketosis in her program. My schedule with my newborn was exhausting, so I was surprised by the incredible energy boost and mental sharpness on keto. It has allowed me to be present and active with my daughter in a way that I could never have in my old way of eating!

One Year Later, I Still Love the Result!

It’s been a year now since Alexia taught me how to achieve my dream body on keto, and I’m still benefiting every day. Enough time has passed for me to know that keto IS a healthy “lifestyle”: it’s not a restriction, but a choice because its effects are so amazing! My mommy kilos are long gone, and I don’t have to make an effort to keep them off – just continue enjoying the tasty food.

Lemonie, Sweden

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