Clinical Experience from working with world-renowned doctors at one of Dubai’s premium medical clinics.

Keto Expert As Seen In Grazia, Dubai Health Authority’s Better Health, Marie Claire, Al Khaleej, and Kul Al Usra.

Results in My Program Include reaching target weight and reversing a range of medical conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, inflammation, insulin resistance, PCOS, and rheumatoid arthritis. See photos and testimonials here.

Trained at the Human Potential Institute (founder Dave Asprey). I’m using a combination of my training in the keto diet, clinical experience, and personal experience in overcoming health issues on keto when helping my clients achieve their keto goals.


I’m a coach on the keto diet and lifestyle. I help my clients empower themselves to be their best versions – and it all starts with healthy eating.

I used to think that I was a hopeless case, doomed to a lifetime of binge eating. My food abuse affected everything: it isolated me from people whom I cared about, destroyed my finances, killed my joy for living. It nearly ruined my life: I had depressions and mood swings so bad that I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Thankfully, I did not give up. Originally from Sweden, I traveled the world for ten years to find a solution. It all began with discovering the keto diet, which took away my cravings and enabled me to enjoy food while feeling satiated. But that was only the start.

My long-term abuse of food was hardwired, and I needed to transform to change my behavior. I went to any length and finally, through a combination of natural hacks, my overeating ceased. The results were astonishing. My “bipolar” symptoms disappeared, I aced my career and tripled my income, improved my relationships, felt happier and better than ever… It was like being reborn to a new life!

My experience of how key a healthy relationship with food is to thrive in life gave me a mission of helping others on the same path. So much pain can be eliminated by learning to eat well! Therefore, I trained to be a coach and quit my corporate career to pursue my passion for coaching on the keto diet.

Today, I am happy and healthy. I help my clients optimize their health and weight on the keto diet, so that also they can create the lives of their dreams. That is what The Benefactory is for: a space to create your best version. Scroll down to see and read about some incredible transformations.

Now, over to you. What life would you live, if extra kilos and poor health weren’t holding you back? Imagine the activities that you would do if you were bursting with energy… Think about the dreams that you would make happen if you were full of confidence… The people you would spend quality time with if you lived a long and healthy life…

If you’re done with excess weight and poor health affecting your life and you’re ready to do something about it, get in touch to explore how we can work together to make your best life happen on keto. 

Thank you for visiting, I’m looking forward to connecting!

Alexia Bjarkan


Designed for You to Achieve Results in Eight Weeks, and Set the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating!

  • Assessment of your current diet.
  • Advice on what to eat and what to avoid to enter the weight loss mode ketosis.
  • Guided keto grocery store shopping (via phone call).
  • Assessment of your kitchen cupboards (via video call or photos).
  • A customized and nutritious meal plan, including a cookbook with simple yet delicious recipes.
  • A keto drink kit to kickstart ketosis in your first couple of weeks.
  • A ketone meter to measure your ketosis, to ensure that you stay on track.
  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions to explore what strategies will make your new, healthy eating habits sustainable long-term.
  • A written summary of each coaching session with agreed action steps, to keep you accountable.
  • Daily support via email and WhatsApp for when you have questions or need a boost.

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Vian!


I Thought I Was Hopeless

When I first joined Alexia’s program, I had suffered from excess weight since forever. It had been a painful journey both physically and emotionally: many weight loss programs and endless cycles of binge eating and yo-yo dieting.

All of my failed attempts had ruined my self-esteem: I was almost convinced that losing weight was impossible for me. But learning how Alexia has conquered her own challenges with food and subsequently helped countless others do the same gave me hope that it was possible also for me.

I Was in Keto Flu Hell

I dropped 4.5 kilos in my first week of Alexia’s program. The result was unbelievable, but so were the side effects… It’s true what they say about keto flu: it can be true hell!

That’s why I’m pleased that I committed myself to a program with a structure to lean on. If I wouldn’t have paid money to do keto with a coach, I’m certain that I would have given up when I was feeling terrible. But I’m not a quitter, so I carried on until the keto flu was over and I could just enjoy my new body.

Finally: a Method That Works!

I’ve paid dearly for my previous weight loss programs. They were financially expensive, and they came with side effects. And since I continued my same old way of eating after the programs, I got back the same old extra kilos. It just wasn’t a solution.

Keto, on the other hand, is a natural process to eat myself into top shape and keep the results. Sure, I experienced side effects on keto, but they disappeared after a couple of weeks. Since then, I’ve been steadily shrinking under Alexia’s guidance. As you can see in my photos before and after Alexia’s program, I look like a different person! And I feel different too: I’m finally happy about myself.

I Need a New Wardrobe

I’ve shrunk so much that I now have a wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t wear anymore! It’s happened before during my years of yo-yo dieting, but back then, I always kept some large outfits in case I gained back the weight. And I always did… Because I neither had the method nor the confidence to maintain the results.

This time on keto, it’s different! I’m finally ready to clear out all unsuitable outfits for good since they belong to my past. In my present and future, I only have room for healthy eating and small clothes sizes!

Vian H., Dubai

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Varsha!


Weight Loss = Impossible?

When I joined Alexia’s coaching program, I had almost given up on losing weight. I had tried pretty much everything that I could think of and spent a fortune. I hated my weight and the way it made me feel, and I was scared that nothing would ever work on me.

Hands-On Customized Solution

But I decided to make one last try, and thank goodness that I did: Alexia’s program changed my life! Following her simple guidance made me start dropping weight so quickly that it felt like a miracle. I would never have succeeded with losing weight on keto just by googling or reading a book: Alexia’s coaching is the reason why it finally worked for me. I love how hands-on she is, like joining me at the grocery store to teach me keto grocery shopping. I’ve passed on what I’ve learned to my family, so they are now healthier and happier too!

Daily Guidance

When I was on diets in the past, I gave up the moment it became difficult. I’ve had challenges also in Alexia’s program, but her support made me continue – and succeed. I could contact her anytime via email and WhatsApp with my questions and concerns, and she always responded promptly with the answers that I needed. 

Expertise and Loving Support

Alexia both answered my keto questions and gave me loving support to carry on through every obstacle. What I love about Alexia as a coach is that she’s not only a keto expert, but she’s overcome food difficulties herself. It’s not just business for her, but she is genuinely passionate about helping her clients improve their lives on keto. I’ve never felt any judgment from Alexia, but just understanding and positivity.

Reversed My Medical Conditions

Before working with Alexia, my life was held back not only by my weight but also rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, PCOS and insulin resistance. By the end of the program, I decreased my rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid medication, and came off my PCOS and insulin medication! I never thought that was possible. The freedom that I’m enjoying now by having reversed my illnesses is incredible!

Finally, I’m Confident and Loving My Body!

Losing weight is not only about vanity. Of course, it’s nice to feel attractive again. It’s a lot of fun shopping for smaller outfit sizes and dressing up. It has put a new spark in my marriage. But far more important is the confidence and self-love that my new, healthy lifestyle has given me! Before, I used to hide away. Now, I’m stepping into life again. I join social events, and I’m taking up the old hobbies that I love but gave up due to low self-esteem. I don’t want to waste another second feeling down about my weight. I’m going to enjoy my slim, strong, and healthy body and live life to the fullest!

My Life’s Best Investment

Alexia’s coaching program is the best investment that I’ve ever made. What I’ve learned and implemented completely transformed my life for the better in eight short weeks. I will continue the lifestyle for my happy and healthy ever after!

Varsha D., Dubai.

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Mohammed!


Excess Weight and Diabetes

As an Arab, I’ve grown up on a diet excessive in carbs. It was not until my thirties that I, after some research, realized that this was the reason behind my escalating weight. My health was also suffering due to my diabetes. I’ve watched family members die way too early due to ill health and understood that this would be my fate too if I didn’t do something.

A Limited Life

Although death isn’t an exciting prospect, I was maybe even more scared of never daring to go to the beach again. For years, I’d felt too fat and uncomfortable to show myself in swim shorts. I was angry with myself: these were meant to be my best years and I was wasting them missing out on life!

Reduced My Insulin Medication

My research led me to keto, which I understood could help both my weight and diabetes. My doctor was not excited about the idea but agreed to let me try. I found Alexia to be the keto expert in the UAE, and I joined her program for safe and professional guidance.

What happened was incredible. By following Alexia’s advice on keto while my doctor closely monitored my health markers, I drastically reduced my insulin medication in a matter of weeks! I’d always thought that my diabetes medication was a lifelong doom, and now it felt like I was taking nature’s medicine.

Keto for My Arabic Taste

Most of the keto information online is catered for Westerners and their way of eating. I was worried that I would have to give up the flavours of my culture and not being able to find foods that I’d enjoy enough to stick with in the long run.

It turned out that this wasn’t an issue: Alexia helped me figure out how to adapt the keto meals to suit my taste buds. She taught me how I could make keto versions of most of my traditional Arabic dishes. It has helped me embrace keto as a lifestyle: I’m still eating an Arabic cuisine, except that this one is keeping me slim and healthy!

Losing Weight While Socializing

Before starting keto, I was concerned about how it would affect my socializing. I’m a social person, and a diet wouldn’t work if I’d had to sit at home counting calories. But what’s fantastic about keto is that it doesn’t feel like a “diet,” because it’s not restricting. I just need to know how to prepare myself or what to choose on the menu when I go out, and that’s exactly what I’ve learned from Alexia.

If anything, keto has improved my socializing since the slim version of myself is a lot more energetic, happy, and confident. And yes, I can go to the beach again – I’m finally free and making the most out of my life!

Mohammed A., Abu Dhabi

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Stephanie!


Dubai Socializing = Extra Weight

Since moving to Dubai, I’ve enjoyed a fun social life. There is always another event to attend and with them come food and alcohol.

After a few years, I noticed the not-so-fun consequence of my socializing: the extra weight. Every year brought on at least another kilo despite working out five days a week.

Feeling fit and healthy is important to me, so I had to reverse the trend. But would it be possible with my love for drinks and pasta?

I Don’t Have to Be “Perfect”!

My doctor told me about the incredible weight losses that happen in Alexia’s keto program, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m thrilled that I did: Alexia helped me get my weight down to the ’50s, a number I haven’t seen on the scales in 8 years!

She taught me the tricks for becoming metabolically flexible, meaning that I can now easily switch between burning fats and carbs. Before keto, I used to drop weight during the week by eating healthily, only to put it back on after the weekend’s outings. Now, I can still enjoy a few glasses of alcohol but without gaining weight!

A Healthy Family

Being on a diet usually means being the boring one who puts a damper on the dinner party. I’ve had the opposite experience on keto: my family loves the food so much that they now do keto too!

My husband has lost several kilos as a result and feels better than he has for years. Even my teenage son appreciates my cooking. I’m so relieved that we can enjoy keto as a family since it saves time and effort. Alexia’s program turned out to be an excellent investment for my whole family!

I Can Eat Anything on Keto!

When you understand how keto works, you realize that you can adapt any recipe to keto just by swapping ingredients. I eat chocolate truffles, cookies, keto bread, pizza…  I just love it!

Keto is now a lifestyle for me because I don’t want to lose these amazing results! Not only because of the weight loss but also the general wellbeing that keto brings.

Flattest Tummy Ever

Everyone comments on my new look. My mother was visiting from France, and the first thing she said when arriving was that I’ve never looked slimmer.

What I love the most is how getting rid of the extra fat has toned my body. I’ve achieved the flattest tummy of my life on keto – without doing any workouts for it!

Optimal Health Markers

I’ve read a lot of warnings online about keto ruining cholesterol and being dangerous. I’m sure that that’s possible if you don’t follow keto with a professional, and that’s exactly why I wanted Alexia’s guidance.

I did a comprehensive health check-up by the end of Alexia’s program, testing everything from cholesterol to micronutrients and other health markers. Pretty much every single result was at an optimal level! I was amazed.

Reaching my target weight was fantastic enough but achieving peak health in my forties was beyond my wildest dreams!

Stephanie M., Dubai

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Soraya!


Doable Anywhere

I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on expensive weight loss treatments around the world. It wasn’t sustainable to continue paying and putting my life on hold to travel to other countries to chase results.

Alexia’s keto program was an entirely new experience since she taught me how to practice the keto way of eating to lose weight wherever I am. I even lived in a hotel and mainly ate in restaurants for the first half of the program, and I still lost weight every week thanks to Alexia’s guidance on where to eat and what to do!

No Complicated Requirements

It was such a relief not to have to fulfill any complicated requirements or make weight loss a part-time job, as it had felt like during my previous treatments. Instead, Alexia helped me customize the keto principles to suit MY particular life. I just had to show up and take some simple steps!

Results for Motivation

In other weight loss programs, I used to dread the weekly weigh-in. Not with Alexia – I looked forward to getting on the scales because the result was always exciting! Losing weight quickly and steadily every week was an amazing motivation boost.

After many years of feeling trapped in my body with little to no control, it was liberating and empowering to learn how to take charge of my weight. With each kilo that I dropped, I started to feel more like myself again!

A New Body AND Mind

I used to be obsessed with dropping the excess weight but working with Alexia has made me see the bigger picture of health. There is no point in achieving an “ideal” weight if I’m still miserable in my mind. Before, I had sleepless nights worrying and beating myself up.

Alexia introduced me to simple yet powerful techniques to change my inner dialogue. Not only do I sleep better now, but I’m happy with myself and my life. I’m the one in charge now, of both my body and mind!

Skills for Life

I had 30 extra kilos when I started working with Alexia, so obviously I have some kilos left to lose after finishing her 8-week program. But I’m ok with that because I now know exactly what to do to drop weight automatically in ketosis. And Alexia has helped me make my keto eating a habit, so I can easily continue my weight loss journey on my own. My target weight is no longer a farfetched dream – I finally have the skills AND confidence to achieve it!

Soraya C., Mauritius

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Alexandra!


A Life in Pain

Like so many others, I put on a lot of weight in the years following my move to Dubai. Over twenty kilos, to be more precise. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on medication.

Along with the excess weight came inflammation in my body and horrendous pain in my legs. Every extra kilo crippled me a bit more until I could hardly live a “normal” life any longer. I had little energy to play with my kids, and the romantic walks that I used to enjoy with my husband were now only painful.

Followed Medical Advice with No Result

At the same time, I tried everything that I could to improve my situation. I saw several doctors and nutritionists and did whatever they told me to do. I didn’t drink alcohol, sodas, or eat junk food – I was following what I believed to be a “healthy diet”. And still, I only kept gaining weight. I was freaking out – I couldn’t live like this!

Inflammation Halved in 2 Weeks

Finally, one of my doctors recommended the keto diet to me. I sought out Alexia’s expertise since she’s working at a medical clinic, which gave me confidence that I’d have the best chance of success in her program.

I was nothing but amazed by how quickly my body responded to keto. My weight dropped, and my clothes got a looser fit on my body. Most exciting was the visible results on my swollen hands and ankles. I took the photos to the left before starting Alexia’s program, and the photos to the right after working with Alexia for a couple of weeks. My inflammation reduced by half!

What I “Knew” About Healthy Food Was Wrong

I can’t compare Alexia’s coaching program with my previous experience with nutritionists and doctors. Firstly, her program works and gives results! But equally important, Alexia has taught me HOW it works – so that I now know how to take care of my health and weight moving forward. It still blows my mind that so much that I’d been told about healthy eating was wrong!

The Solution Was So Simple

Part of me is sad that I wasted so many years of my life to be in pain when the solution was so simple: eating natural, low-toxin keto foods. But I’m mainly just glad to know the truth finally. And that I don’t have to feel like a failure any longer – it was nothing wrong with ME, it was the methods that were wrong!

Loving Life Again

It’s only weeks ago that I could barely leave my house because I was lethargic and in severe pain. Now, I just got back from a weekend get-away with my family during which I enjoyed swimming and long walks on the beach!

But what I’m most grateful for is that I can finally be present with the people who matter the most to me. Now with plenty of energy and pain no longer crippling me, I can be there for my family in a way that I haven’t been for years. And I will maintain my keto way of eating so that I can continue to be the best mother, wife, and person that I can be!

Alexandra, Dubai

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Vasilisa!


Confused by Online Advice

I discovered keto as a weight loss method and started experimenting following the wealth of advice online. Many recommendations were contradictory, making me confused about what to do.

I lost a bit of weight in my first few weeks and then gave up, gaining the weight back. I was upset: I knew that I was on to something great, but I didn’t know how to make it work.

Shortcuts to Keto Success

That’s when I found Alexia and started working with her for personalized guidance. I quickly understood that what I’ve learned in my own research was just scraping the surface of keto.

It’s impossible to learn everything that’s required for best results unless you dedicate your career to it, as in Alexia’s case. That’s why I’m so grateful that she saved me the time, energy, and cost of trial and error by offering the keto shortcuts and success strategies in a simple format that suited my particular lifestyle.

Lasting Results

On my own, my results had been slow and frustrating. No wonder I gave up! In Alexia’s program, I quickly shed my extra kilos and kept them off. I appreciate that Alexia explained WHY my way of doing keto hadn’t had much of an effect, and exactly what to do instead.

All Resources Provided

Alexia’s emails with a summary of each session made it easy to take action in between our meetings: she shared all of the resources I need to succeed on keto. I’m still going back to the emails since they’re a goldmine of information!

Alexia’s advice proved to be rocket fuel for my weight loss, and her support gave me accountability and motivation to continue until I knew exactly how to follow keto myself.

The Best Sleep of My Life

My favorite thing about Alexia is that she offers so much more as a coach than just guidance on how to slim down on keto. Reaching target weight is important to be healthy and feel good but so are other factors, such as sleep, exercise, and positive thinking. Alexia helped me do a complete makeover in these areas, and I can only say WOW – what a life upgrade!

I used to suffer from poor sleeping, which affected my mood and performance. Alexia introduced me to simple changes that resulted in the best sleep of my life! It’s priceless to now wake up rested every morning.

Do Keto the Right Way!

If you’re serious about getting the results that you want on keto, don’t make my mistake and start on your own. Trust me that you don’t want to waste time taking the wrong action, and ending up with no results or even gaining weight. Alexia is the keto expert that you can trust to get into top shape and feel amazing on keto!

Vasilisa C., Dubai

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Prerna!


Weight Struggle Since Childhood

I’m in my twenties, and I’ve struggled with weight since I was a child. I was “the fat kid” who was mocked for my weight. I can’t even describe how emotionally scarring that was. As an adult I also developed hypothyroidism, making it even harder to lose the weight. I felt like the extra kilos was part of my identity, and getting rid of them impossible.

Scared to Fail Again

I hesitated to join Alexia’s program because I was scared of failing with yet another weight loss attempt. I didn’t know if I could handle one more disappointment. But meeting Alexia and feeling her caring nature made me take the leap. At least I wouldn’t be alone!

And sure enough: Alexia helped me break down what felt like an endless, scary journey into small and achievable steps. Along the way, she cheered me on and we celebrated my wins together – and there were plenty!

Empowered with Knowledge

I’ve done many weight loss programs in the past, where I was just told how many grams and calories to eat. I followed the guidelines but never understood why, and whatever result that I achieved was only temporary. Alexia’s program was totally different. Firstly, she shared the science behind how different foods affect my weight and wellbeing. Secondly, I experienced it myself by noticing the result of my new keto meals.

Finally knowing what actions to take to lose weight was so empowering! It resulted in a whole new, healthy relationship with food. Whether I cook myself or eat out, I’m finally in charge of my weight by my choices. And I started dropping the kilos from the first week in the program!

No Need to “Cheat”

My first question when starting a diet is usually “When can I cheat?”. But what I realized in Alexia’s program is that there is no need for “cheating” on keto, because I can enjoy myself! I’ve had a lot of fun discovering delicious meals and desserts. There is nothing that I miss from my old way of eating – and if there is anything that I want, I can just make a keto version of it.

Yes, I Can Party on Keto!

I enjoy an active and social life in Dubai and doing keto hasn’t stopped me from having a good time. I’m going to events and parties as usual, and I’ve even celebrated Diwali on keto. All while dropping weight and feeling better about myself. That’s what I love about keto: it’s not a diet that’s restricting my life, but it’s a lifestyle that’s enriching my life!

Anything is Possible Now

I’m ecstatic over the kilos that I’ve lost and for now having an effective method to continue shedding the remaining weight. Everyone is noticing: I’m constantly being asked by friends on Instagram what I’m doing to keep slimming down every week!

But even better is the impact that my weight loss has had on my self-esteem and as a result, what I make of my life. I now love trying new things, like sports, and I’m about to start a second business. These are dreams that I could hardly imagine when I identified as “the fat kid.” But achieving the “impossible” of losing weight in Alexia’s program has made me feel that nothing is impossible anymore – and I can’t wait to make it all happen!

Prerna K., Dubai

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I Wanted a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve never been a fan of dieting. I don’t see the point in going on a strict regime to lose a few kilos, and then putting it back on when not keeping up the diet. What I want is a healthy lifestyle where I don’t have to worry about weight at all.

Lost Control After Pregnancy

Weight was never an issue for me – until I had my first child. That’s when I lost control of my body! I tried the usual methods: controlling meal sizes, counting calories, working out. I pretty much worked myself to the ground, but it didn’t help: I only kept gaining! I was getting desperate.

A Quick and Safe Weight Loss Method

I had heard a lot of success stories about keto, but also how it can go terribly wrong when you don’t know how to follow the diet. So I joined Alexia’s program to get expert advice on how to do keto properly, to not risk anything. With Alexia’s guidance, I started losing weight my first week – I didn’t even have to go to the gym anymore!

Simple AND Delicious!

I was worried that doing keto would be tasteless or complicated since I had enough demands as a new mother. I was surprised to learn that keto was the opposite. Alexia broke down the science of keto into simple and achievable steps. She taught me easy recipes that take only minutes to make, and they taste fantastic, too.

I could hardly believe Alexia when she encouraged me to have a keto dessert every day (that was probably my favourite part of the program). So I started enjoying yummy desserts, and I continued to lose weight. I now know that it’s possible to treat myself without guilt or negative consequences!

Bonus: Energy and Mental Focus

I worked with Alexia to reach my target weight, but I was amazed by all of the other health benefits of achieving ketosis in her program. My schedule with my newborn was exhausting, so I was surprised by the incredible energy boost and mental sharpness on keto. It has allowed me to be present and active with my daughter in a way that I could never have in my old way of eating!

One Year Later, I Still Love the Result!

It’s been a year now since Alexia taught me how to achieve my dream body on keto, and I’m still benefiting every day. Enough time has passed for me to know that keto IS a healthy “lifestyle”: it’s not a restriction, but a choice because its effects are so amazing! My mommy kilos are long gone, and I don’t have to make an effort to keep them off – just continue enjoying the tasty food.

Lemonie G., Stockholm

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Arwa!


No Guesswork

Starting a weight loss mission can be scary, and that’s why I’m so glad that I did it together with Alexia. With her, there was no guesswork. She offered feedback on my progress and clear instructions on which step to take next to continue losing weight – which I started doing my very first week in the program!

She gave me a ketone meter so that I could check that I was on track with ketosis in between our sessions. When I’ve been trying to lose weight on my own, I’ve given up because I could never be sure if the results were coming. Being able to check my blood at home and see black on white that I was in fat-burning mode took away my insecurities and motivated me to continue!

Sharpest Mind Since Uni Days

I’d tried doing keto on my own following online advice, and I’d only felt sluggish. Alexia’s direction gave a whole other result: my brain switched on, and I haven’t felt this mentally sharp since my uni days! My productivity has gone through the roof; I get so much more done in a day now when I’m on keto.

Even better is the confidence that my new mind has given me. My second week on keto, I got a speaking work opportunity. In the past, I would have declined because I was too shy. I hardly believed myself when I now said yes! I wasn’t even nervous on stage, and I felt so proud of myself afterward.

My Autistic Son Feels Better

I’ve researched how keto can improve autistic symptoms, so I was keen to help my son diagnosed with autism. Alexia guided me on how to make keto fun and tasty so that he was happy to try.

I was amazed by my son’s personality change when switching the diet: in only days, his aggression disappeared, and he became calmer and happier. It’s both scary and wonderful to notice what a difference food does to a child’s wellbeing. I’m so grateful to now know how to feed my children so that they can have the best chance at a healthy life!

Going to the Root of the Weight Problem

What I learned from working with Alexia is that excess weight is a symptom of underlying issues, and if I want to get rid of the extra kilos for good, I need to go to the root of the problem. I was surprised that I signed up to a keto program and got a complete life makeover!

Throughout our sessions, Alexia guided me while we explored why I’d been letting myself go. I noticed that it wasn’t just physically, but in other areas of my life too. Just like I’d been eating in excess to stuff down my anxiety, I’d been shopping too much, and my finances were a mess. I’d never saved in my life or reviewed my finances – it was too frightening.

A Brand New Me!

With Alexia holding my hand in the process, I finally dared to face reality. I made a budget, started saving, and took control of my finances. Like magic, my nervousness disappeared, and I was filled with a sense of empowerment instead. It might sound strange that financial responsibility can be linked to weight loss, but the peace of mind that I now have from my money management makes it easy to stay away from comfort eating.

Alexia’s coaching didn’t just give me some standard keto advice that I could have found myself online. No, she helped me change into a person who takes excellent care of herself – so that I’ll keep those extra kilos away for good!

Arwa, Dubai

Transform Your Body and Life on Keto, like Shehla!


Fed up with Yo-Yo Dieting

When I first met Alexia, I was exhausted from many years of yo-yo dieting which always led back to square one. My health was only getting worse with diabetes, joint pain, and bloating.

Now in my 50’s, I realized that I had to find a solution to not cut my life short. But I was worried about my age: both about having a slower metabolism and the challenge of creating new habits. Was it too late for me to save my health?

Halved My Insulin Medication

My doctor recommended Alexia’s program for effective results on my diabetes. I learned that keto could even reverse my diabetes type 2! I didn’t know much about the keto way of eating, but at least it was a method that I hadn’t tried before.

I loved the quick changes in my body when I started keto. My bloating disappeared on my first day on the diet, and so did my joint pain in the days that followed. Most exciting was halving my insulin medication after only two weeks in Alexia’s program!

Not Another Diet Fad

My pattern of going from one diet breakdown to the next had always been a burden on my self-esteem. I’m a smart, capable woman – how come I couldn’t manage to eat healthily?!

Doing Alexia’s keto program has made me realize that succeeding with healthy eating has little to do with my mental capabilities. It was just impossible to stay on track when the foods caused an imbalance in my body chemistry. Starving myself, eating toxins that led to cravings, and having tasteless meals – no wonder nothing ever worked out. Alexia taught me how to eat enjoyable foods to nurture my body and mind.

An End to Binge Eating

My initial fear of breaking my old habits turned out to be in vain: with the right nutrition, everything seemed to fall into place automatically. For as long as I could remember, I’d had a troublesome relationship with food. I ate (too much!) when I was happy, sad, or anything in between. Now on keto, I felt satisfied by food for the first time. My urge to overeat disappeared with my hunger. Finally, I was free from the binge eating that had tortured me for so long!

Coaching for My Best Life

I partnered with Alexia to learn how to eat keto, but the experience turned out to entail so much more. Mastering healthy eating was the foundation of her program. But once I had my health in order and felt good about myself and my body, that’s when we could start working on how to make my best life happen! Alexia coached me to let go of unhealthy habits and adopt routines for a whole new level of happiness and wellbeing.

My life satisfaction was -1 when I joined Alexia’s program, and it’s now 10/10. I recommend her program for anyone who is ready for a complete body and life transformation!

Shehla B., Dubai

Why the Be Your Best Version Program?


A keto protocol followed correctly is a natural and comfortable way to eat to lose weight.

The ketogenic diet has amazing health benefits: among them weight loss, energy, and optimized health. If you know how to follow the protocol correctly, that is.

At the events that I run, there are always people telling me that they’re “eating keto”, but are frustrated that nothing is happening. Well, the good news after hearing what they’re doing is that they’re not failing with the diet – because they’re not following it. Google is fantastic, but sometimes the wealth of information can cause confusion.

As your coach, I will teach you the exact steps to take to enter ketosis and reap the benefits. Since everyone is unique, we will together explore what will be the best strategy for YOU to reach optimal results.

Without accountability, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns.

Have you ever had weight loss as a New Year’s resolution? If so, you’re not alone: year after year, it remains the most common one. It’s also most commonly broken by the second week in February. Why? Perhaps because statistics show that it takes around two months to form a new habit. If we’re relying on our own willpower alone in that process, it will probably run out before we have made our new routine part of our lifestyle.

Research from The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) shows that committing a goal to someone gives you a 65% probability of completion. Having specific accountability appointments with a person increase your success chances to 95%!

As your coach, I will be there for you to make sure that you don’t get back on the sofa eating junk food and telling excuses. Together we will figure out your best action steps for reaching your health and weight loss goals, and I will hold you accountable for taking them.


Bad breath is a possible initial and temporary side effect of ketosis. It’s one of the challenges my program will help you overcome to reap the benefits of the diet!

The goal with the ketogenic diet is to enter the metabolic state of ketosis, which results in weight loss and other health benefits. Ketosis is effective because it’s powerful – and that’s why it often comes with side effects in the beginning. These usually go away after a couple of weeks but can be so unpleasant that many people give up on the ketogenic diet. And never get to experience the amazing benefits!

As your coach, I will support you when it gets tough. I will guide you to overcome the obstacles. I will be there to congratulate you on the other end – the new, fit, and healthy you!

What’s the Be Your Best Version Program Philosophy?

Girl needs to finish her cake tempting as an orgy

What would be possible for you, if food wasn’t holding you back?

It’s impossible to create the life of our dreams if unhealthy eating is in the way. If you’ve ever had to cancel a hot date due to diarrhea, gone broke from binge eating bonanzas, or been called a “psycho” after a blood sugar meltdown, you know what I mean.

When we learn what foods to eat for empowerment instead, nothing is stopping us. Just imagine what you’d do on those hot dates, how you could spend your money, and the joy you’d get from thriving relationships!


What would it look like if it was easy?

You’ve probably tried a diet before. Perhaps you’ve even had some success. But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that it wasn’t sustainable. Since most diets involve controlling portions, feeling hungry, and exhausting yourself, they tend to result in breakdowns and eating even more than before the diet.

The ketogenic diet is different. The goal with this way of eating is to enter the metabolic state of ketosis, which turns off hunger and cravings and gives a boost of energy. Your excess weight will drop off while you’ll be feeling great!

Skinny Girl Eating Burgers

How committed are you to take action to achieve your goal?

Visualizing the awesome things we want in life can be wonderful. But all of the positive thoughts in the world won’t help if we stuff our faces with junk food!

As your coach, I will help you with the most powerful combination: a positive approach coupled with action steps towards your goal.

I'm at my target weight.

I'm hungry to learn more!

Want to Eat Yourself into Top Shape?


You've Taken the First Step

Towards Your Best Body and Life

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