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Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn. Benjamin Franklin

I’m excited to share that my ketogenic diet guide is out in the latest issue of Awakenings Middle East! Feel free to check out the guide here, or pick up your free copy of the magazine in Spinneys in Dubai or Kinokuniya bookstore in Dubai Mall.

My guide explains the ketogenic diet in a nutshell: how it came about, the health benefits, and the exact steps for you to get started. 

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet. I got a reminder of that just the other day when I got the result of my Viome gut test. The recommendation: to “avoid” avocado and coconut, which basically make up for half of my current dietary intake. Yay…

I think it’s great to use modern technology to find out how to personalize our diets for optimal results (even if the truth sometimes hurts, as in my case). Having said that, if you want quick results before spending hundreds of dollars on tests, the ketogenic diet can be a good place to start. It’s been scientifically proven to be effective for losing weight and boosting energy and health.

So if you have some extra kilos that you want to shed, the chances are good that you will get results if you follow the advice in the guide. The steps that I propose is what I typically start off my clients with, and most of them start losing weight their very first week.

Having said that, knowledge is sometimes not enough. We can find anything we want on Google. Not that healthy eating needs extensive research to get the hang of, though, since a lot of it is common sense. “Skip the sugar and junk food, eat organic” – you’ve heard it all already!

But knowing facts (what healthy eating is) and wanting an outcome for oneself (losing weight and getting in shape) sometimes doesn’t result in taking action towards that goal. No one knows this better than I, after my years of struggling with binge eating. All I wanted was to be healthy and happy, and still, I kept self-sabotaging.

It’s taken me a long time to get where I am today: visiting my parents, with the cupboards filled with nothing but Swedish chocolate and bread (my former favorite vices), without going insane from temptation. I’ve always been amazed by “weirdos” who can keep junk food in the kitchen without doing nightly raids. Although this is new territory for me, it seems like I’ve turned into that kind of weirdo myself.

I’m deeply grateful for my relatively new freedom from food obsession, while I also appreciate the struggles I had to go through to get here. Because I’m sure that it makes me a better coach when I’m now helping others form healthy eating habits.

I understand that it can take a lot more than scientific facts to create lasting change. And I love supporting my clients when we explore the methods and strategies that will work for them, to create happy and healthy lifestyles!

Whether you’re curious about how the ketogenic diet can make you look and feel great and want support to achieve your health goal, or whether you’re fed up with trying to make it on your own – I’d love to help you!

Please feel free to contact me here to book a free consultation call with me. Your takeaway: a personalized meal plan that will give you results your very first week!

The holiday season is approaching quickly. Christmas can be a wonderful bonanza of love, glitter, and gifts – but it can also mean bloatedness and energy crashes from too much junk food. Perhaps you’re already stressing out over extra Christmas kilos and how to get rid of them in time for the new year? Don’t – because there is another way!

If you’re in Dubai, I’d love for you to join my free food tasting event on Saturday 16 DecemberThe event quickly got fully booked and now got a waitlist, but of course, I want you Beneficiaries to be there! So if you want to come, please contact me directly here, and I’ll do my best to get a spot especially for you.

At the event, you will learn how to make delicious food for Christmas so that this year, you will actually lose weight from your holiday eating! You’ll also get to try out food samples, to taste how good it can be. Come along for an event to set you up for 2018 to be your fittest year ever!

If you’re not local to Dubai, you’re welcome to follow The Benefactory on Instagram for daily tips and inspiration for health. 


Alexia Bjarkan

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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