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I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined renowned surgeon Dr. Jaffer Khan at Aesthetics International in Dubai. To his team of world-class experts in health and beauty, I’m bringing my expertise in the ketogenic diet as a weight loss coach.

My move to Dubai is an exciting next step in my journey: I’m Swedish by origin but I have spent the last 10+ years traveling the world. I fell in love with Dubai during a visit in 2017, when I also recognized the opportunity to introduce the ketogenic diet to the region. I learned how overweight is a common issue and that the busy lifestyles of Dubai residents are not compatible with time-consuming workouts and diet plans.

Eating Yourself Into Top Shape on the Ketogenic Diet

What makes the ketogenic diet revolutionary as a weight loss method is that it is not a tedious or exhausting method. Instead, it’s a scientific protocol to eat to enter the metabolic state of ketosis. Ketosis results in satiation, energy, and perhaps most importantly: quick and effective weight loss until reaching target weight! 

The coaching program that I’m now bringing to Dubai is a proven method to get in top shape simply through eating. It reveals the exact steps to reach target weight on the ketogenic diet, in addition to offering support and accountability to succeed.

I love witnessing my clients transform during the course of my coaching program. Because having excess weight is NOT just about the excess weight! So getting rid of it is not only about being able to fit into a pair of skinny jeans (although that is obviously nice, too).

Being Overweight Affects EVERYTHING in Life!

Being overweight and having an unhealthy relationship with food affects everything in life. I know myself from my previous years of struggling with overeating. I had terrible diarrhea, acne, mood swings and depression, insomnia; I isolated from social situations (what could be more interesting than spending the night in bed with Ben & Jerry’s); I was uncomfortable with intimacy; and my finances were a mess due to spending a fortune on every remedy under the sun to try to “fix” myself.

How the Ketogenic Diet Transformed My Life

The turning point came when I discovered the ketogenic diet. My new way of eating changed everything. To start with, my appearance: not only did I lose my excess kilos, but my skin healed and started glowing, and the hair that I had lost due to heavy anti-depressants (that I now came off due to feeling well) grew out stronger than before. I smiled again!

I gained an amazing energy and aced my career: I tripled my income over the year that followed. I found the desire to pursue hobbies and make new friends, date, do fun things. I was finally able to do more with my life than obsessing about eating and suffering the consequences of the wrong food choices.

Experiencing what an incredible power a diet change can have gave me a passion to help others on the same journey, and is why I left my corporate career in London in 2016 for weight loss coaching. Since then, I’ve helped clients all over the world unlock their true potential – and it all starts with healthy eating.

As my client Darren Pyefinch (United Kingdom) shares: “Alexia coached me and empowered me to improve my health and take control of my biology. I’ve now eliminated my depression and massively reduced my anxiety.”

The Scientific Way to Achieve 95% Weight Loss Success Rate!

Guidance on what to eat to reach target weight is only part of my coaching program. Perhaps equally important is the support and accountability that I provide my clients. Research from The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) shows that committing a goal to someone gives you a 65% probability of completion. Having specific accountability appointments with a person increase your success chances to 95%!

My client Brian A. Fagan (Canada) can testify to the power of accountability. Brian had tried numerous weight loss methods over the years with little or no result. The accountability that I offered as his coach proved to be a key reason for him finally succeeding in losing weight:

“Coaching brought the information to me in a palatable way. It allowed me to try the methods and implement them into my life. My attitude changed, my habits changed, and the weight fell off as a result. All the while, Alexia made me feel that I did it all by myself. And I did, because Alexia made me accountable for taking the action necessary.”

The Catch: My Program is Simple, but NOT Easy

Does this all sound too good to be true? Does it seem like my coaching program magically transforms clients into skinny, happy people with perfect lives? The short answer is NO, there is no magic. In fact, getting results in my coaching program requires commitment and actionability. Just like the excess weight didn’t happen overnight, it won’t come off overnight either. My coaching program is not for anyone expecting instant, magical results just from signing up.

Instead, my program is for individuals who have had enough of the torture of unhealthy eating and being overweight, and who are ready to take action to get rid of it for good! Giving up old habits and creating new ones is often uncomfortable and painful – but for my clients, it’s worth it. Because once they liberate themselves from excess weight, they are able to gain the health, confidence, energy, and happiness to create the lives of their dreams!

What Would Be Possible for You, if Excess Weight Wasn’t Holding You Back?

The response when launching the ketogenic diet to Dubai has been fantastic, and I’m now finalizing the last couple of spots for my coaching program. That’s why I’d like to ask you: are you at your ideal weight yet? If not: how important is it for you to achieve it? Are you willing to put in the work for it?

The program vacancies will be filled by motivated individuals ready to take action for extraordinary results. If you think that person may be you, the first step is to get in touch here or by sending an email to alexia@thebenefactory.com

I’m excited to hear from you and kick off your weight loss!


Alexia Bjarkan

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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