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Learn How to Burn Fat for Fuel: 70.6% of the UAE population is overweight, 34.5% is obese*. Learn what most people don’t know: how to eat to enter automatic weight loss mode. Keto is a scientific method invented by US researchers 100 years ago – it’s proven to work!

Fast-Track Your Results: Others who have followed the keto guide have reached target weight and reversed medical conditions while feeling satiated, energetic, and enjoying their meals. Scroll down for success stories!

Get Keto Expertise: Learn from keto coach Alexia Bjarkan; as seen in Grazia, Dubai Health Authority’s Better Health, Marie Claire, Al Khaleej, and Kul Al Usra.

Avoid Mistakes and Ensure Success: With clinical experience from working with world-renowned doctors at one of Dubai’s premium medical clinics, keto coach Alexia Bjarkan guides you to overcome the common keto pitfalls and access the shortcuts to keto success!

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Before the Keto Guide:

  • Excess weight since “forever.”
  • Almost convinced that losing weight was impossible.
  • Unhappy with herself and her body.

After the Keto Guide:

  • Slimmed down, starting with losing 4.5 kilos in her first week.
  • Confident that she’s found a method for lasting results.
  • Happy with herself and needs a new wardrobe to fit her new, slender body!

As you can see in my photos before and after… I look like a different person! And I feel different too: I’m finally happy about myself. Vian


Before the Keto Guide:

  • No weight loss despite trying many weight loss methods.
  • Consistently gave up weight loss programs.
  • Many unhealthy habits.

After the Keto Guide:

  • Finally, losing weight simply by eating keto.
  • Stayed on track with powerful, natural techniques. 
  • New, healthy habits; and a lighter body and brain!

I have lost weight, but more importantly, my brain is lighter. I have decluttered and gotten rid of the burden of losing weight. I now focus on the sensible approach to eat healthily. Brian


Before the Keto Guide:

  • Had spent “a fortune” on many weight loss programs with no result.
  • On medication for PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypothyroidism.
  • Felt low and hid away from life.

After the Keto Guide:

  • Reached her target weight just by enjoying keto foods, including desserts.
  • Decreased her rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid medication, and came off her PCOS medication.
  • Feeling confident and loving her body!

I don’t want to waste another second feeling down about my weight. I’m going to enjoy my slim, strong, and healthy body and live life to the fullest! Varsha

Start Burning Fat Now!

I’ll also receive keto success tips in my inbox.


Hi! I’m Alexia. I’m a coach on the keto diet and lifestyle. I help others empower themselves to be their best versions – and it all starts with healthy eating.

I used to think that I was a hopeless case, doomed to a lifetime of binge eating. My unhealthy eating affected everything: it isolated me from people whom I cared about, destroyed my finances, killed my joy for living. It nearly ruined my life: I had depressions and mood swings so bad that I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Thankfully, I did not give up. My turning point came when discovering the keto diet, which took away my cravings and enabled me to enjoy food while feeling satiated. The results were astonishing. My “bipolar” symptoms disappeared, I aced my career and tripled my income, improved my relationships, felt happier and better than ever… It was like being reborn to a new life!

My discovery of how key healthy food is to thrive in life gave me a mission of helping others on the same path. So much pain can be eliminated by learning to eat well! That’s why I’ve written my keto guide: so that also YOU can learn how to thrive on keto.

Now, over to you. What life would you live, if extra kilos, low energy, and poor health wasn’t holding you back? Imagine the activities that you would do if you were full of energy… Think about the dreams that you would make happen if you had the confidence… The people you would spend quality time with if you lived a long, happy, and healthy life…

If you’re done with excess weight, lethargy, and ill health affecting your life and you’re ready to do something about it, you’re just one click away from a body and life transformation.

Download my keto guide now to start YOUR journey towards your best body, health, and life on keto!

Alexia Bjarkan

Start Burning Fat Now!

I’ll also receive keto success tips in my inbox.