Free Keto Diet Food Tasting Event Dubai

2-4 PM on Friday the 25th of January

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Are you fed up with exhausting gym visits that don’t make a difference to the scales? Have you had enough of tasteless diet plans that make you want to scream and pig out on a cake instead?

If so, you’re not alone. More than half of the UAE’s population have excess weight and suffer from its impact on health and life. It doesn’t help that the busy Dubai lifestyle is not compatible with time-consuming and tiring weight loss regimes (that don’t work anyway).

If you’re looking for a solution that DOES work, then this event has the potential to change your life. Would you like to learn a scientifically proven protocol to reach your target weight simply by eating delicious food, while feeling satiated and energetic? If so, sign up now!


This event will reveal the secrets to succeeding with weight loss on the keto diet. The ketogenic way of eating results in ketosis, a metabolic state that puts the body into automatic weight loss mode by switching the body’s energy fuel source from carbohydrates to fat.

Ketosis also results in satiation, a relief from food cravings, and a boost in energy. This change in body chemistry means that it’s possible to lose weight comfortably, without the requirement of an exhausting and time-consuming workout regime. Funded in the 1920’s by US researchers, the keto method has long been proven as an effective weight loss method.

But don’t worry, this event will not be a boring lecture about chemistry. Instead, you will learn practical action-steps that you can put into your life straight away – to see weight loss results in your first week!


Pasta and other carb-heavy food can be delicious – but for many of us, they come with unpleasant consequences. Like, having to cancel that hot date due to stomach issues…

The good news is: you can enjoy food AND stay fit! This is exactly what you’ll get to experience at this event, as you’ll get to taste a sample menu of keto dishes.

Are you’re ready to put those pointless workouts and boring diet plans behind you and embark on a healthy journey towards your best shape ever? Then sign up now and join this event!


Welcome Drink: Try the celebrity health drink that puts you into automatic weight loss mode every morning.

Keto Presentation: Learn how the ketogenic protocol will help you achieve target weight, and the exact steps to do it.

Q&A: Ask all of your keto questions!

Sample Keto Diet: Enjoy food tasters and mingle with the Dubai keto community.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and kick off your body and life transformation!


Alexia Bjarkan


If you’re looking for someone to help you understand keto in Dubai, Alexia is the person to go to. With her approachable nature and patience while answering your questions, she makes it super easy to understand keto and to see if its a fit for you. Sabiha

Excellent session. Alexia manages to give you the most important aspects of keto in a very small time frame. The sample foods were amazing as was the coffee. Definitely recommend. Prasith B.

If you have never tried keto before it will change your life. This event is a great start to your keto journey. Mo M.

Great insight into the world of keto and the benefits it can have on your lifestyle and your waistline! Very informative and Alexia is very approachable. Allan C.

Loved being surrounded by so much positive motivation for getting into a healthier lifestyle through keto. The delicious food tasting and knowing how this weight loss journey can be effective, as well as a culinary delight, was an added bonus! Saman W.

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