“Dirty Keto” Will Make You Fat and Depressed – This Is What to Do Instead

Ditch “Dirty Keto” and Choose High-Quality Foods to Achieve Your Keto Goals.

Your Diet Is a Bank Account. Good Food Choices Are Good Investments. Bethenny Frankel

It’s morning, and you’re enjoying your nice, warm shower. You lean to the wall, stick out your tongue, and start licking up some mold. Yum, right?

No? Then I have a question for you. If munching on mold in the shower doesn’t sound appealing, then why are you eating moldy cheese?

I’m guessing that you haven’t drawn the parallel, and why would you – cheese is hailed by many as a wonderful high-fat keto food. Eating lots of fats is part of what makes keto so effective for weight loss, so what could be wrong with cheese?

And yes, cheese is high in fat – but it’s also high in mold, which is toxic and can lead to inflammation in the body. And that brings us to the #1 mistake on keto: choosing unhealthy foods that bring more harm than good!

There is a link between inflammation and everything from obesity to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Although you might get some quick weight loss from toxic keto foods – if your previous diet was even worse, I guess – the celebration will end once the inflammation has built up in your body.

At that point, you’re likely to hit the famous “weight loss plateau.” And then you might be wondering: What did I do wrong? All I did was eating keto!

In Binge Eating Hell on Dirty Keto

Yes, but you were eating “dirty keto”: the variation of keto, which doesn’t bother about food quality. Anything goes, as long as it’s high in fats. Dirty keto is a shortcut that I understand can be tempting, but remember that it can cost you your results!

But don’t worry. In this blog post, I will share exactly what to do to kick inflammation by enjoying a clean keto diet. So that you can sail through weight stalls and instead, ace your health and weight loss goals!

Let me start by sharing a little bit about my own experience. When I first discovered low-carb, high-fat eating perhaps seven or so years ago, I thought it was as simple as skipping the carbs and opt for any fats. I stocked up on cheese and whipped cream (yum!), and started munching away. 

Since my diet before this had been quite horrible, with lots of binge eating on junk food, any change to my eating initially gave an improved result. I definitely felt better eating cheese than eating Ben & Jerry’s! I was so excited to have found a solution: now, I was done for good with my overeating. Or so I thought…

Instead of bingeing on sugar and carbs, I couldn’t stay away from the cheese. And the overeating soon extended to any food that I could get. Before long, I was on a yo-yo dieting whirlwind going from cheese and cream to the old ice cream tubs. I mourned that low-carb eating hadn’t been my savior after all.

No Toxins = No Cravings

It wasn’t until a couple of years later when I discovered the Bulletproof protocol, that I realized the importance of a clean keto diet. This method taught me how to stay away from the inflammatory foods and what a difference it made!

Looking back, I now understand that it was the toxins in the cheese that triggered my overeating. It was a cycle that was impossible to break by mere willpower – only getting rid of the toxins could do it.

If I’d know my low-carb history back then, I could have avoided the issue earlier. The Atkins diet got popular in the ’60s and started a following of low-carb eating with a focus on dairy products. The followers got excited about the initial weight loss, but the movement got stumped when the results stalled. And rumor has it that the Atkins founder himself wasn’t particularly healthy…

So let’s look at what to do instead. To illustrate how an anti-inflammatory plan can change your body and life, I will begin by giving you two transformation examples that happened when getting rid of inflammation!

25 Years of Extra Kilos… Until a Clean Keto Diet Got Rid of Them!

My first example is my client Darren. When we first met, Darren had been overweight for twenty-five years. And it wasn’t because of laziness – he’d tried every possible weight loss method; including WeightWatchers, Slimming World, protein shakes; you name it. 

A Personal Trainer by profession, Darren also knew everything there is to know about working out. But still, the excess weight wouldn’t go away! I’ve shared before how sadly, many people with the best intentions to lose weight end up gaining weight because they overtrain (and yes, inflammation is the culprit).

Perhaps even worse than his extra kilos was that Darren suffered from long-term depression and severe anxiety. He couldn’t understand why, because nothing was wrong in his life: he had an amazing family, a good job, plenty of friends and things for which to be grateful. Still, he only felt awful.

After assessing Darren’s situation, I realized that inflammation was the cause of his misery. I guided Darren on how to test for inflammation to get data black on white. I then put Darren on an anti-inflammatory keto diet, and this is what happened…

Finally, Darren was able to effortlessly drop the fat that he’d been carrying around for more than two decades. And what about this: his anxiety disappeared in a matter of weeks, and so did his depression!

Darren’s transformation happened a few years ago now, and Darren hasn’t been depressed since. Today, Darren is enjoying a content family life, a prosperous career, and is happier than ever. And it all started with changing his food!

Could Walk Again Thanks to a Diet Switch

My next example is my client Alexandra. Alexandra came to me with severe inflammation: she could hardly walk, and she was in so much pain that she rarely left her house. She had already been to a great number of experts in Dubai and tried numerous weight loss plans while her condition only worsened.

In my keto program, Alexandra quickly slimmed down. Check out these photos of the incredible difference only two weeks on an anti-inflammatory diet made: the swelling halved! 

Within weeks, Alexandra could enjoy an active family holiday swimming in the ocean and taking long walks on the beach. With the inflammation gone, she was a free woman again!

Alexandra shares: “Part of me is sad that I wasted so many years of my life to be in pain when the solution was so simple: eating natural, low-toxin keto foods. But I’m mainly just glad to know the truth finally. And that I don’t have to feel like a failure any longer – it was nothing wrong with ME, it was the methods that were wrong!”

So are you ready to join Darren, Alexandra, and myself and clean up your keto act? Here is precisely what to do…

How to Crush Inflammation to Achieve Your Keto Goals:

1. Test for Inflammation

If you suspect that inflammation is holding back your weight and wellbeing, you’ll need data to know the status of your situation. You must know if you have inflammation, and have a baseline so that you can test later to see if your diet change is making a difference. You can take the C-reactive protein (CRP) test at your doctor at a low cost.

2. Do a Weekly Protein Fast

One cause of inflammation can be eating too much protein. The solution is to regularly “clean” your cells from protein by skipping the protein one day per week. Instead, stick to vegetables and healthy fats or fast. Learn more about protein fasting here.

3. Watch out for “Health” Bars

Just because a product is branded “keto,” “low-carb,” or whatever is the most popular marketing word at the moment, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Read the labels! If a product has ingredients that you don’t know what it is, assume that it’s toxic and stay away from it.

4. Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Keto Diet

This means avoiding processed foods and most dairy products; and choosing organic, whole foods instead. I recommend following the green spectrum on The Bulletproof Diet Roadmap.

I will leave you with some final thoughts on blog post’s cartoon. I’m staying away from cheese, just like I wouldn’t go and lick mold in the shower. Remember that the next time you’re tempted by a cheese platter.

Now, your turn. Do you think that inflammation is holding back your weight loss? Share it with me!

Alexia Bjarkan
Keto Coach

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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