Client Success Story: Darren

“I contacted Alexia since, despite my best efforts to lose weight, it had stalled. I’m a Personal Trainer, so I must be fit for my job. But it wasn’t just the extra fat that was my issue: I was also suffering from long-term depression and severe anxiety.

Although I had an amazing family, friends, a good job, and lots of other blessings, I just felt blocked. It made me feel even worse that despite nothing being wrong in my life, I was miserable. So how could it be fixed?

After 25 Years of Trying: Something That Worked!

Before working with Alexia, I had tried every possible weight loss method during twenty-five years of struggling with excess weight. WeightWatchers, protein shakes, Slimming World, you name it… But still, no weight loss.

Alexia helped me figure out the reason for my health problems: chronic inflammation. She guided me on how to test my body and what steps to take to reverse the inflammation. Finally, the number on the scales started to move as the fat that I’d been carrying around for years just melted away. I was over the moon!

Freed From Anxiety and Depression

Within weeks of getting rid of my inflammation in Alexia’s program, my anxiety and depression disappeared. No medication, no strange methods… Just taking care of my biology.

If only I’d known during the years that I suffered from depression that the solution was so simple. I’m amazed by what a difference natural hacks can make to wellbeing.

A Happy and Active Life

Looking at my ‘before’ picture is like looking at a stranger. A guy who lies around eating crisps because he can’t be bothered to deal with life – that couldn’t be further from who I am today.

Today, I take pride in taking care of my body. I like what I see in the mirror. I wake up feeling happy. I can finally feel a real appreciation for all of the beautiful things in my life.

Who would have thought that the solution would be something as simple as getting rid of inflammation?”

Darren, the United Kingdom

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