Client Success Story: Brian

Count calories! Stop snacking! Your portions are too big! Cut out drinking! Don’t smoke! That used to be the advice I got to lose weight. It certainly didn’t feel easy.

When I joined Alexia’s program, I’d been seeking professional help for weight loss for a couple of years. I had tried everything from weight loss clinics and naturopathic doctors to every diet I could think of. Some showed little results, but nothing truly worked.

All I Did Was Switching the Foods!

I was intrigued by Alexia’s approach that I could lose weight simply by changing what I eat. Every week, Alexia provided insight into the keto diet. She also helped me create a support system for my new eating habits. I got access to all resources that I needed to succeed: everything from blogs to printed material, studies, and websites.

I find Alexia to be open-minded and easy to talk to. She’s got an intelligent and unique approach to weight loss, partly from her personal experience with this subject.

Accountability Kept Me Going

Since starting coaching, I got rid of a lot of bad habits – some that I hadn’t even considered before. Alexia’s weekly coaching provided the reality check I needed to stay on track. The way that you think and act is different when you are accountable to a coach, and that was critical to achieving the weight loss goal that I had set for myself. ​

A Lighter Body AND Brain

I have lost weight, but more importantly, my brain is lighter. I’ve decluttered and gotten rid of the burden of losing weight. I now focus on the sensible approach to eat healthily. Could I have done it without Alexia’s coaching? NO! Her coaching brought the information to me in a palatable way. It allowed me to try the methods and implement them in my life.

My attitude changed, my habits changed, and the weight fell off as a result. And all the while Alexia made me feel that I did it all by myself. And I did, because Alexia made me accountable for taking the necessary action. ​Alexia made me see that I didn’t have to lose weight – I had to lose the mental burden of losing weight.”

Brian, Canada

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