Client Success Story: Abhishek

“I’ve got a busy life in Dubai with a family and a demanding career with international travel. The idea of adding a program to my schedule, especially one that involves changing what I eat – I’d hardly cooked before! – was a concern.

In today’s society, it can be tempting to opt for a ‘quick fix’ to slim down, like a meal delivery plan. But I didn’t want my results to depend on a service to my home and then gain weight again on my next trip. I realized that if I wanted real, healthy, and lasting results, I had to invest my time and effort. And I couldn’t stand my extra kilos anymore; I just had to lose them!

4 Kilos Down in My First Week!

So I joined Alexia’s program, and it was the best decision. Alexia taught me how to lose weight while enjoying healthy, tasty, Indian keto meals. I’m only spending a few minutes a day on my food – not more than it would take to order and wait for meal delivery. Alexia also helped me figure out how to eat healthily when traveling so that I’m continuing my slim-down regardless of my location!

Before working with Alexia, I had spent many years desperately trying to lose weight. I could hardly lose one kilo on my own. Now with the right guidance, I started dropping over 4 kilos in my first week! I can now fit into the slim clothes that I wore years ago.

Half of My Pain Is Gone

I suffer from varicose veins, which used to cause me a lot of pain every day. Now after just a few weeks in Alexia’s program, the pain is halved! And it keeps decreasing as I continue to become lighter.

But I realize that my excess weight didn’t only affect my health: what’s perhaps even worse is how it was shaping my personality. I used to be so negative and lazy, never wanting to do anything unless I had to. No wonder – I didn’t have energy, and I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin.

I’m a Better Husband and Father Now

Losing weight in Alexia’s program has changed me into a new person with a new attitude to life. Now I’m positive, energetic, and confident! I’m excited to do activities with my family and take my career to the next level.

My wife has begged me to take dancing classes with her for years. Finally, I have agreed, and we’re both so happy. Nothing has had a more positive impact on my marriage as me getting fit. I’m glad to now be a healthy role model for my son and have the fitness to be there for him and my wife. The best part of my life is starting now!”

Abhishek, Dubai

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