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3 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Save the World This Year

Use the Holidays to Make a Positive Impact.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

It’s the month of Christmas! Are you already stressing over what to gift your near and dear ones? Don’t – I got you covered. In this post, you will learn what to give that will make both the recipient and yourself feel good – and help save the world at the same time!

As I’ve shared before, it’s been a big year for me. I discovered the healing effects of plant medicine in Costa Rica, ending half a lifetime of depressive episodes. When people recover from physical illness, it’s customary to give presents. I wonder if the same goes for mental illness and if I should get ready for a gift bonanza this Christmas?

I’m just kidding: I have nowhere to keep stuff, and my suitcases are filled to maximum capacity. Furthermore, science proves that giving away an experience is better than material items since it improves relationships.

It can also be useful to take humans’ happiness setpoint into account before going broke on expensive gifts. Although we might be thrilled with a gift, eventually, we will return to our usual happiness level.

I noticed this concept with my niece, whose big dream in life a couple of years ago was to own an iPhone. I wanted to make her happy and gave her my iPhone as a Christmas present since I could use my company phone instead.

Now, two years later, my old iPhone is still working perfectly for my niece. But, she wishes for a new mobile phone for Christmas. Why? Her answer when I asked her: “I don’t know, I just want a new one.”

Her response pissed me off so much that I’m now giving all of my nieces and nephews the concept of minimalism for Christmas, in the form of no Christmas gifts at all.

If you are less aggressively inclined and want to give something nice to someone, here are some tips!

Gift Idea #1: Charity

A donation to a charity in the name of your recipient is not only perfect for people who “already have everything,” but it’s also convenient to send via email if your friend is overseas.

A gift adoption card through World Wildlife Fund is cute and fits well with today’s climate change crisis, as the gift improves our chances of more Christmases to come.

My personal favorite in the charity category is a $25 Kiva microloan gift card: the “gift that keeps on giving.” The money can be lent to a person in a developing country to for instance education, renewable energy or housing. The lender then repays the loan over time. It allows your gift recipient to choose a cause that they are passionate about, feel good about themselves and lend many times again in the future.

Gift Idea #2: Learning

Anything is possible when you give the gift of learning. I love giving away books that can help the recipient improve their life. My most-gifted books are The Bulletproof Diet and this cookbook with Bulletproof/ketogenic recipes.

Or, if you want to shoot the lights out with reading: give a membership of Blinkist. It provides access to thousands of personal development books in 15-minute summaries!

Another way to give a life upgrade is by giving away a course, for instance from Udemy. It can improve your own life too: what about “NLP – Master Your Emotions” for your psycho boss or “Happiness Guaranteed” to your negative sibling?

Gift Idea #3: Health

What could be more powerful than helping to boost someone’s health? You could literally be a life-saver this Christmas!

A simple way to instantly feel better is to change what we eat. No food has improved my health as much as Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet. Therefore, I love gifting a Bulletproof Coffee kit or something else from the Bulletproof range (feel free to check out my affiliate link). Wrapping it up with cellophane and a golden ribbon makes a beautiful Christmas gift!

If you’re short on cash: google some healthy recipes, print out and put together in a beautiful binder. Feel free to check out my Instagram account for meal inspiration.

I wish a great start to your month of festivities!


Alexia Bjarkan

Alexia Bjarkan

Keto Coach at The Benefactory.

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