Keto Coaching

for Your Best Body, Health, and Life!

with Alexia Bjarkan

Why Keto Coaching with Alexia?

Fat-Burning: 70.6% of the UAE population is overweight, 34.5% is obese*. Learn what most people don’t know: how to eat to burn fat for energy. Keto is a scientific weight loss method invented by US researchers 100 years ago – it’s proven to work!

Powerful Results: Typical results in Alexia’s program are reaching target weight and reversing medical conditions while feeling satiated, energetic, and enjoying food. Scroll down for examples!

Keto Expertise: Learn from keto coach Alexia Bjarkan; seen in Gulf News, Grazia Middle East, and Dubai Health Authority’s Better Health. With clinical experience from working with doctors and patients in Dubai, Alexia guides you to overcome the common keto pitfalls and access the shortcuts to keto success!

Support and Accountability: Having overcome yo-yo dieting and health challenges herself, Alexia understands your situation. She will hold your hand and keep you accountable every step on your keto journey, ensuring that you will succeed!

*World Health Organization

Keto Coaching Program Results

…I look like a different person! And I feel different too: I’m finally happy about myself. Vian

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Excess weight since “forever.”
  • Almost convinced that losing weight was impossible.
  • Unhappy with herself and her body.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Slimmed down, starting with losing 4.5 kilos in her first week.
  • Confident that she’s found a method for lasting results.
  • Happy with herself and needs a new wardrobe to fit her new, slender body!

Nothing has had a more positive impact on my marriage as me getting fit. Abhishek

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Couldn’t lose weight despite years of trying.
  • In pain due to varicose veins.
  • Negative, tired, and lazy, which affected his marriage.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Slimmed down, starting with losing over 4 kilos in his first week.
  • Pain halved and decreasing.
  • Positive, energetic, and confident: a better husband and father!

The freedom that I’m enjoying now by having reversed my illnesses is incredible! Varsha

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Had spent “a fortune” on many weight loss programs with no result.
  • On medication for PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, and insulin resistance.
  • Felt low and hid away from life.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Lost weight so quickly it felt like a “miracle.”
  • Decreased her rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid medication, and came off her PCOS and insulin medication.
  • Feeling confident and loving her body!

I’d always thought that my diabetes medication was a lifelong doom, and now it felt like I was taking nature’s medicine. Mohammed

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Excess weight.
  • Diabetic on insulin medication.
  • Stayed away from the beach due to body shame.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Reached his target weight by enjoying a keto diet adapted to his Arabic cuisine.
  • Significantly reduced his insulin medication in only a few weeks.
  • Feeling comfortable in his own skin and enjoying the beach again!

Reaching my target weight was fantastic enough but achieving peak health in my forties was beyond my wildest dreams! Stephanie

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • No weight loss despite working out five days a week.
  • A food lover, scared of keto being boring or tasteless.
  • Read online warnings about the potential “dangers” of keto.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Reached her target weight and achieved her flattest tummy ever – without workouts.
  • Enjoys her favorite foods on keto, including cookies, bread, and pizza.
  • Optimal health markers, including cholesterol levels!

I have lost weight, but more importantly, my brain is lighter. Brian

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • No weight loss despite trying many weight loss methods.
  • Consistently gave up on weight loss programs.
  • Many unhealthy habits.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Finally, losing weight simply by eating keto.
  • Stayed on track with Alexia’s accountability.
  • New, healthy habits, and a lighter body and brain!

…I looked forward to getting on the scales because the result was always exciting! Soraya

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Had spent a lot of money on programs worldwide with no lasting results on weight.
  • Concerned if weight loss was compatible with traveling.
  • Sleepless nights worrying and low self-esteem.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • The skills and confidence to continue her weight loss all the way to target weight.
  • A healthy lifestyle that’s easy to maintain regardless of location.
  • Sleeping well and feeling good about herself!

Within weeks of getting rid of my inflammation in Alexia’s program, my anxiety and depression disappeared. Darren

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Overweight despite trying “everything” for 25 years.
  • Severe anxiety.
  • Depressed.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Reached target weight effortlessly.
  • No anxiety thanks to powerful, natural hacks.
  • No depression, and happier than ever!

It’s priceless to now wake up rested every morning. Vasilisa

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Tried keto by herself with little result.
  • Poor sleep, affecting her mood and performance.
  • Confused and upset about the lack of progress.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Learned exactly what to do to slim down.
  • The best sleep of her life.
  • A complete “life upgrade”, resulting in feeling fantastic!

Now with plenty of energy and pain no longer crippling me, I can be there for my family in a way that I haven’t been for years. Alexandra

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Severe inflammation.
  • Followed the advice of doctors and nutritionists with no result.
  • In so much pain that she could hardly leave her house.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Inflammation halved by the second week.
  • Is finally losing the excess weight.
  • No pain: She can enjoy long walks and family life again!

Everyone is noticing: I’m constantly being asked by friends on Instagram what I’m doing to keep slimming down every week! Prerna

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Weight struggle since childhood; mocked as “the fat kid.”
  • Had tried many diets and never enjoyed them: always wanted to “cheat.”
  • Felt that the extra kilos were a part of her identity and impossible to lose.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Quick and effective weight loss: everyone is noticing.
  • No need to “cheat” any more thanks to delicious keto desserts.
  • No longer identifies as “the fat kid” but instead, has healthy self-esteem, and is excited about life!

My pregnancy kilos are long gone, and I don’t have to make an effort to keep them off. Lemonie

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Couldn’t lose weight after her pregnancy.
  • Worried that keto would be tasteless or complicated.
  • Not a fan of “dieting,” but wanted a sustainable lifestyle.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Created her “dream body.”
  • Reached her target weight by enjoying daily, tasty keto desserts.
  • Lasting results: She’s kept her target weight one year after the program!

Now, I don’t even care about how many kilos I weigh – I love myself exactly as I am!  Michelle

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Poor energy and afternoon blood sugar crashes.
  • Long-term emotional overeating pattern.
  • Obsessed with slimming down.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Full of energy throughout the day to live an active, fun life.
  • Overeating pattern replaced with new, healthy habits.
  • Loving herself regardless of the number on the scales!

My life satisfaction was -1 when I joined Alexia’s program, and it’s now 10/10. Shehla

Before Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Excess weight, bloating, and joint pain.
  • Type 2 diabetes and on insulin medication.
  • A longterm pattern of binge eating.

After Alexia’s 8-Week Keto Program:

  • Weight loss, no bloating, or joint pain.
  • Insulin medication halved by the second week.
  • Satisfied with food, and having healthy eating habits!

Hi! I’m Alexia. I’m a keto coach with clinical experience from working with doctors and patients in Dubai. I share my keto expertise in publications such as Gulf News, Grazia Middle East, and Dubai Health Authority’s Better Health.

But a few years ago, I was a beginner on keto, just like you. I was depressed, exhausted, and my excess fat made me feel like a whale. My health was in ruin after years of binge eating and yo-yo dieting. I was a zombie from heavy medication due to my (incorrect!) bipolar diagnosis.

Starting keto was like taking a magic pill. In a matter of weeks, my body, health, and life completely transformed.

My extra kilos melted away, and I got back my fit figure. My hunger and cravings disappeared, so I was no longer a slave to sugar and junk food. My mood leveled out, and after years of depression, my doctor realized that I didn’t have bipolar disorder. I got off my medication, and my brain switched on again.

My discovery of the difference a simple diet switch makes made me obsessed with hacking my health and helping others do the same.

Since starting keto, I’ve dedicated my life to finding the most powerful hacks for creating the best body, health, and life. I’ve traveled the world, trained with top performers; I’ve gone to any length, and not spared any expense to find the ultimate toolbox for health and wellbeing.

I’m so excited to now be sharing this toolbox with others! I work 1-on-1 with a small number of clients ready to achieve extraordinary results. You can find some examples of the body, health, and life transformations of my clients further up on this page.

I’ve created a program with everything required to succeed on keto. The program is based on my clinical experience, using scientific principles for optimal results on keto. I also use my personal experience from overcoming years of yo-yo dieting using powerful, natural hacks.

I offer the customized guidance, accountability, and emotional support that I wish I’d had when I started keto. So that my clients can skip wasting years to trial and errors and suffering, and instead enjoy the shortcuts to slimming down and feeling amazing. So that they can leave extra kilos and poor health behind for good, and start creating the life of their dreams!

Now I’ve shared my story, and I’m curious about yours. What would YOU like to achieve on keto? Share it with me!

Thank you for visiting. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Alexia Bjarkan
Keto Coach

The Be Your Best Version Program

Learn How to Achieve Incredible Results on Keto and Create a Lifestyle to Keep Them!

  • Customized 1-on-1 guidance for your unique body, health, and lifestyle.
  • Assessment of your current diet.
  • Advice on what to eat and what to avoid, and how to track macros to enter the weight loss mode ketosis.
  • Assessment of your kitchen cupboards (via video call or photos) and a kitchen clearout checklist, to not have anything stop your ketosis.
  • Guided keto grocery store shopping (via phone call) and a food shopping checklist, to set you up for keto success.
  • A customized and nutritious meal plan (including desserts!) and a cookbook with simple yet delicious recipes.
  • A keto drink kit to kickstart ketosis in your first couple of weeks.
  • A ketone meter to measure your ketosis, to ensure that you stay on track.
  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions to explore what strategies will make your new, healthy eating habits sustainable long-term.
  • Customized advice on factors affecting ketosis (supplementation, sleep, exercise, and more) to maximize your results.
  • A written summary of each coaching session including educational resources and agreed action steps, for your continuous progress.
  • Workbook to establish your keto success plan for maintaining your results in years to come.
  • Daily support via email and text for accountability, all of your questions, and for when you need a boost to keep going!