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Analyse Your Poo, Light up Your Ears and Get Nutrition from a Necklace.

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Last month, I attended the highlight of my year: the annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in Los Angeles. It’s three days packed with the latest and most cutting-edge for optimizing health: presentations by world-renowned experts; gadgets and technology to try out; and of course delicious, Bulletproof food.

The Bulletproof/ketogenic diet and lifestyle is my passion and what I live for, so the Conference is my Mecca. It’s also awesome to hang out with like-minded people. I have a nomadic life and travel on my own, and sometimes it’s difficult to find people who share my opinion that butter in the coffee is the best invention ever. So my three days in Los Angeles with other Bulletproof nerds were like Christmas!

Among the wealth of information and gadgets at the Conference, I’ve chosen to share the favorite three products that I bought. I believe that these have the best potential for improving health.

My Top Products:

1. Viome
Gives personalized health advice based on an analysis of your gut biome. It’s meant to be especially useful to people who think that they’re already eating “well”, but are still struggling with losing weight. Everyone’s gut biome is different, so perhaps your diet needs to be adjusted accordingly. I’m still waiting for my recommendations, a little bit anxious – what if it turns out I shouldn’t eat butter?!

I did my stool sample on the day of leaving my Airbnb in Los Angeles and had compulsive thoughts of something like this happening.

2. HumanCharger
I’m visiting my parents in Sweden for a few weeks. I was a bit concerned about the lack of sun in Sweden during these winter months since the sun is so important for wellbeing. When a friend of mine raved about the HumanCharger, a medical device for Seasonal Affective Disorder, I had to buy one. I now start every day with putting in the earbuds, which shine light into my ears to boost melatonin production. So far, I’m feeling great!

3. Tri-Vibe
I will not try to explain how it works because I don’t understand it (and the website definitely doesn’t help). The idea is that you get all the nutrients that you need by wearing this necklace. I know, it sounds crazy!

The reason why I bought the Tri-Vibe and that I do believe in it, is because a couple of my Bulletproof friends have tried it and swear by it. One of them, who is the most hardcore health fanatic I know, used to spend $350 per month on supplements and still had nutritional deficiencies. He got tested again after wearing the Tri-Vibe for two months, and all his nutrient levels were optimal!

I did a nutrition test a couple of weeks ago (I had a few nutrients that were borderline deficient), and I’m now wearing my Tri-Vibe necklace. I can’t wait until I can get tested again after Christmas and see if my nutrient levels have changed!

What about you: is there any conference or event where you can find inspiration and togetherness with likeminded people? I think few investments give a better return, so go for it!


Alexia Bjarkan

Alexia Bjarkan

Weight Loss Coach at The Benefactory.

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