• No requirement for exhausting workouts: The ketogenic diet is a scientific eating protocol to enter automatic weight loss mode through a metabolic state called ketosis.
  • Lose weight comfortably: Ketosis results in satiation, a relief from food cravings and a boost in energy. This change in body chemistry makes it possible to lose weight easily as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Scientifically proven: Created in the 1920’s by US researchers, the ketogenic diet is long-established as an effective weight loss method.
  • Succeed through guidance and support: The Be Your Best Version Program reveals the exact steps for entering weight loss mode on the ketogenic diet, together with offering support and accountability to succeed with the weight loss goal.
  • Assessment of your current diet.
  • Advice on what to eat and what to avoid to enter the weight loss mode ketosis.
  • Nutritious and delicious meal plan, including a cookbook.
  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions (online or in person in Dubai) to explore what strategies will make your new, healthy eating habits sustainable long-term.
  • A written summary of each coaching session with agreed action steps, to keep you accountable and on track.
  • Daily email support for when you have questions or need a boost.

Your Investment: 4,800 AED + VAT (1,300 USD)
Your Return: 100% Weight Loss*

*Up to date, all clients who have followed the program’s guidelines have started to lose weight in their first week

Who is the Be Your Best Version Program Coach?


I used to think that I was a hopeless case, doomed to a lifetime of binge eating. My food abuse affected everything: it isolated me from people whom I cared about, destroyed my finances, killed my joy for living. It nearly ruined my life: I had depressions and mood swings so bad that I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Thankfully, I did not give up. I traveled the world for ten years to find a solution. It all began with discovering the ketogenic diet, which took away my cravings and enabled me to enjoy food while feeling satiated. But that was only the start.

My long-term abuse of food was hardwired, and I needed to transform to change my behavior. I went to any length and finally, through a combination of natural hacks, my overeating ceased. The results were astonishing. My “bipolar” symptoms disappeared, I aced my career and tripled my income, improved my relationships, felt happier and better than ever… It was like being reborn to a new life!

My experience of how key a healthy relationship with food is to thrive in life gave me a mission of helping others on the same path. So much pain can be eliminated by learning to eat well! Therefore, I trained to be a coach and quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for coaching on the ketogenic diet.

Today, I am happy and healthy and work both online and at a medical clinic in Dubai. I help my clients optimize their health and weight on the ketogenic diet, so that also they can live life to the fullest. That is what The Benefactory is for: a space to create your best version.

Thank you for visiting, I’m looking forward to connecting!

Alexia Bjarkan

Why the Be Your Best Version Program?


A ketogenic protocol followed correctly does NOT require exhausting workouts for weight loss.

The ketogenic diet has amazing health benefits: among them weight loss, energy, and optimized health. If you know how to follow the protocol correctly, that is.

At the events that I run, there are always people telling me that they’re “eating keto”, but are frustrated that nothing is happening. Well, the good news after hearing what they’re doing is that they’re not failing with the diet – because they’re not following it. Google is amazing, but sometimes the wealth of information can cause confusion.

As your coach, I will teach you the exact steps to take to enter ketosis and reap the benefits. Since everyone is unique, we will together explore what will be the best strategy for YOU to reach optimal results.

Without accountability, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns.

Have you ever had weight loss as a New Year’s resolution? If so, you’re not alone: year after year, it remains the most common one. It’s also most commonly broken by the second week in February. Why? Perhaps because statistics show that it takes around two months to form a new habit. If we’re relying on our own willpower alone in that process, it will probably run out before we have made our new routine part of our lifestyle.

Research from The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) shows that committing a goal to someone gives you a 65% probability of completion. Having specific accountability appointments with a person increase your success chances to 95%!

As your coach, I will be there for you to make sure that you don’t get back on the sofa eating junk food and telling excuses. Together we will figure out your best action steps for reaching your health and weight loss goals, and I will hold you accountable for taking them.


Bad breath is a possible initial and temporary side effect of ketosis. It’s one of the challenges my program will help you overcome to reap the benefits of the diet!

The goal with the ketogenic diet is to enter the metabolic state of ketosis, which results in weight loss and other health benefits. Ketosis is effective because it’s powerful – and that’s why it often comes with side effects in the beginning. These usually go away after a couple of weeks but can be so unpleasant that many people give up on the ketogenic diet. And never get to experience the amazing benefits!

As your coach, I will support you when it gets tough. I will guide you to overcome the obstacles. I will be there to congratulate you on the other end – the new, fit, and healthy you!

What’s the Be Your Best Version Program Philosophy?


What would be possible for you, if food wasn’t holding you back?

It’s impossible to create the life of our dreams if unhealthy eating is in the way. If you’ve ever had to cancel a hot date due to diarrhea, gone broke from binge eating bonanzas, or been called a “psycho” after a blood sugar meltdown, you know what I mean.

When we learn what foods to eat for empowerment instead, nothing is stopping us. Just imagine what you’d do on those hot dates, how you could spend your money, and the joy you’d get from thriving relationships!


What would it look like if it was easy?

You’ve probably tried a diet before. Perhaps you’ve even had some success. But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that it wasn’t sustainable. Since most diets involve controlling portions, feeling hungry, and exhausting yourself, they tend to result in breakdowns and eating even more than before the diet.

The ketogenic diet is different. The goal with this way of eating is to enter the metabolic state of ketosis, which turns off hunger and cravings and gives a boost of energy. Your excess weight will drop off while you’ll be feeling great!


How committed are you to take action to achieve your goal?

Visualizing the awesome things we want in life can be wonderful. But all of the positive thoughts in the world won’t help if we stuff our faces with junk food!

As your coach, I will help you with the most powerful combination: a positive approach coupled with action steps towards your goal.


What does a life that you truly love look like?

Change can be scary. But sometimes it makes more sense to be scared of doing nothing at all. Like, keeping a diet that is causing excess weight and ill health.

As your coach, I will support you on the scary, thrilling, and transformative journey of empowering yourself through healthy eating. From there, you can do anything!

What Are the Results of the Be Your Best Version Program?

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My life transformed after adopting the ketogenic diet and it became my passion. I’m now a coach specializing in the method. I love helping my clients reach target weight and optimize health – and from there, create their dream lives!


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