Your One Must-Do for February, or Your Year Will Be an Epic Fail

Create a mastermind group to stay on track with your health goals.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Jim Rohn

About a month ago, it was New Year’s Eve. Do you remember the inspired spirit of the day? If you’re anything like the self-help junkie that I am, the chances are that you had high hopes for the year ahead. 2017 would be the year when ALL of your big goals would come true! A fit body, a stellar career, your dream partner — now was the time. I was personally so excited that I skipped the parties in NYC to sit at home to craft a grand vision board for my upcoming year.

How do you feel about it all now, a month later? Research indicates that almost all New Years resolutions break by the second week of February, so there is a likelihood that your enthusiasm has dampened a bit. Don’t worry — you still have one week to beat the odds, to make sure that 2017 will bring your desired results! The secret to your success lies in creating a mastermind.

Staying accountable to a mastermind group has been an important tool on my journey towards sticking to a healthy lifestyle. I have always preferred having a “healthy” image, but it took a while for my actions to catch up with it. Beach volleyball, green juices, detoxes — it just sounds good, doesn’t it?

There was a time, though, that I thought that being away from my everyday environment (where I was keeping up my wholesome image) meant that I was wearing an Invisibility Cloak. This resulted in me raiding the tax-free shop on chocolate and anything sugar whenever I was travelling. I magically transformed from a respectable passenger boarding a plane in Australia, to a chocolate-stained madwoman landing in Europe.

Apart from my body suffering from my on-again, off-again relationship with healthy eating, the discrepancy between my actions and words made me feel awful. Sure enough, research shows the importance of authenticity for happiness. How could I ever create a life that I truly loved, if I could not trust myself on my actions?

Creating a mastermind came to my rescue. The mastermind concept was introduced in one of the all time personal development bestsellers, Think and Grow Rich. The author Napoleon Hill claimed that connecting with like-minded people was fundamental to success in life. He should have known — his life’s work was to study his time’s most successful individuals!

The mastermind is a group of say three to five people who get together on a regular basis (face to face or through phone/online calls) to support each other to reach each individual’s respective goals.

Structure of a mastermind:
1. What is each person working on at the moment?
2. What does each person need feedback on?
3. What is each person committing to taking action on until the next meeting?

Benefits of a mastermind:
1. Accountability. Pigging out on pizza is less appealing when confessing it to others is part of the plan.
2. Inspiration. We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them, as Einstein famously said. Who knows what great ideas your mastermind buddies will bring?
3. Support. The path to achieving your goals is likely to have some challenges. You can pick yourself up quicker when your mastermind is cheering you on!

How to find your mastermind members:
1. A Facebook or MeetUp group for your hobby/passion. Your common ground indicates that you are like-minded with each other, which is a good start!
2. Reach out through social media to someone who has accomplished the same as you want to. This might be intimidating, but please remember that everyone has something to bring to the table. You might know something that your Idol is dying to learn.
3. Medium. A forum full of people striving to improve themselves!

Creating and being part of a mastermind created a structure for my goal of committing to a healthy lifestyle. I appreciated my mastermind members’ honesty about their struggles and wanted to reciprocate. It was never about pointing fingers at each other when we were falling short of our ambitions. Instead, we reflected on the situation and together brainstormed strategies to move forward. I ceased feeling invisible when travelling because I felt that I could carry the support from my mastermind with me.

Think back to that New Year’s Eve a few weeks ago. What was your major goal for the year? Whatever it is, a mastermind will increase your chances of achieving it. I am certainly not going back to my days of chocolate bonanza flights, so I will stick to mine.

Alexia Bjarkan

Weight Loss Coach at The Benefactory.

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